July 27, 2021


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The four-legged beast Centaur Warrunner Dota 2

Landing to be one of the most tanker can be found in Dota 2. The character design of this beast will make the people chilling. Centaur Warrunner Dota 2 is really a tough opponent if unfortunately Feed him a few lives. Let’s find out about this interesting Hero!

The position usually plays Centaur Warrunner Dota 2

Centaur Warrunner

For a team that needs to calculate surprise, he will be a suitable choice. This champion was built to make a difference in the quality of generals in Dota 2. Strong and agile is what can be described as this beast. With a large muscular figure on all fours like a centaur. He is primarily used as a Tanker, this champion is also often used as an SP or a Solo top. In any position, our generals also show their terrible power.

These strong stacks of damage from this single-player always surprise other players. His skill also makes it easier to stay in the lane, control and knockdown enemies. In some games, the player also chooses this champion for the position of Jungler. Of course, Centaur Warrunner also performed quite well in this position. Besides, the diversified map also helps him have more land to use martial arts. This is truly a true warrior of Dota 2.

Skill system

For players of all positions, equipping skill insights is also important. You need to understand what your champion has and capture and promote. The following is the general’s skill system:

War stomp: Centaur Warrunner uses both his front legs and his ax to slam the ground. The shockwave creates a large area of ​​vibration that damages and stuns surrounding objects. For large team fights, this is a pretty good way to both damage and create a control effect.

Double eagle: a rather risky attack of this wall. When used both yourself and the designated enemy wall will take damage. The amount of damage done will correspond to the amount of blood lost by our champion. However, when he reduced his health to as low as 1 unit, he could not finish himself with his own moves.

Return: This is a skill that helps deal physical damage to champions who attack our monster. It works similar to countering damage. This technique will be very suitable for solo and farm a large number of monsters.

Stampede: This is the Ulti of Centaur Warrunner, it helps him increase the speed for himself as well as the rumors. When an enemy champion is hit, the effect is stunning and takes damage. This technique is suitable for chases as well as team fights.

The source of endless power

Centaur Warrunner

Players who experience holding this champion will notice the following:

A champion with a high buffalo, late game is no different from a mobile building. It is hard to be defeated with just one or two attacks from the skill. Suitable for Tanker positions and can evolve into a Semi Tanker.

Farm easily thanks to his Return, because if the soldier units attack the champion, it is like fighting himself. Therefore you should choose large swarms and attacks. It will increase your chances of farming more units at a time than fighting single units.

Good control has many stunning effects on the move. Suitable for catching odd as well as opening a good teamfight.

Bad points on Centaur Warrunner design

Like every other champion design, this general also brings with him weaknesses such as:

Poor maneuverability, mostly running fast thanks to his ultimate. It is easy to fly a kite in the early game and in the middle of the game. You should avoid fighting when you have no Ulti.

The base mana is low and consumes a lot of mana when using the ultimate. Low mana is a pretty big weakness on Centaur Warrunner.