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Cerberus Esports change from the roadside man to the “Monsters”

Cerberus Esport new players like Pun are all young talents, not superstars

Cerberus Esport new players like Pun are all young talents, not superstars

Cerberus Esports gives fans a surprising sense of change. Only a few months apart from the VCS Spring 2020 to the VCS Summer 2020, Cerberus Esports seems to have turned into a different person.

There is no “blockbuster” in Cerberus Esports

Transferring is indispensable for a team and Cerberus Esports also had new members before the start of the summer tournament. However, the players they bring in are not superstars with much attention. But instead are young talents to train and train to replace the next generation. 

The downside of the transfer blockbuster is that the player will mess up an inherent system of the team. Just look at how EVOS Esports is an example, they are struggling with Zeros is enough to understand the negative impact of such deals with this.

Cerberus Esport made a wise move to retain the spring squad to ensure stability and cohesion among the members. When you have a clear style of play, the members understand what you mean by playing together for a long time. The victory will come to you naturally.

Catch up too fast with the metagame

One of the weaknesses of VCS is its ability to keep up with the trend of banning, item loading, or summoner specialist relatively slower than the world. Part of the reason is that Vietnamese servers update more slowly than other regions, and VCS is always a place that is heavy fighting and fighting. So play styles with control are difficult to appear here.

However, Cerberus Esport has been astounding people at the pace of catching up with their metagame. The jungler XuHao knows how to give up champions that are too reliant on early game. He ganks a lot to switch to a more solid form like Trundle, Graves. Even they are the first team to bring Fiddlesticks to the single line in VCS form. It is these small things that make this team ahead of its opponents in the game, the ban, and the way to deploy the match.

XuHao’s psychological strides

As mentioned above, XuHao of the VCS Summer 2020 has turned to a more solid and effective game than himself in the spring tournament. Previously, XuHao had a lot of ganking styles. It made invisible pressure on this guy to attack his opponent, get his life and pressure. And when unable to gank successfully, it will create a psychological burden back for this guy himself.

With the change of play to control, XuHao is no longer burdened by the mentality of entering the later stages. Then the handling of this player is also more accurate with spring. With keeping a stable, cohesive team, increasingly excellent individuals, Cerberus Esport is showing an extremely scary team. A true challenger to the throne of VCS.