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Top Champion for newbies play League of Legends (Part 1)

Champion for newbies

Champion for newbies

League of Legends is a game Moba (Online Arena) was born a long time ago. There is one thing that makes League of Legends interesting and more attractive than other Moba games, in addition to beautiful images, there are more than 100 champions with skill-oriented. Actually, this is quite a difficult thing for beginners to play. So for them, finding champions with no direction skills will help them get used to the game more easily. Read through the article below to find out which champion for newbies are easy to play and have the least skill oriented but still extremely strong.


Annie is a very flexible general in choosing the path and is one of a champion for newbies. Annie can go top, mid, support, and even can go to the forest. Fireball (Q) bonuses up to 80% of the magic power if using Q to kill soldiers will not lose energy and halve cooldown, which is only about 2 seconds.

In addition, this is also a great way to structure the enemy’s blood because this is not a skill to guide, so the enemy will have no way to dodge. The Burning Technique (W) has a fairly large length, equal to the Q (625 distance) so it will be difficult to slip. Fire Shield (E) is also very easy to use when giving Annie a little resilience, has an effect for 5 seconds, and cooldown in 10 seconds, almost as Annie can use continuously.


Another 1 Wizard is also quite a good champion for newbies. Kayle is also quite flexible in her lane as she can top, mid, support, and jungle. The rampage of Justice (E) makes Kayle able to farm minions extremely fast as well as deal large amounts of damage in combat.

Punishment (Q) allows Kayle to exchange moves with all other enemies. Blessing (W) will help Kayle stay longer. In addition, Kayle’s passive is Divine Fervor which reduces her armor and magic resist by 3%, stacking up to 5 times. This is a tactic that allows Kayle to exchange with most other champions without worrying about losing.

Kayle’s ultimate is that Immortal Protection (R) can help Kayle or teammate be immune to all damage within 3 seconds, an extremely important skill that can change the outcome of the whole game. As long as the opponent is focusing damage on their teammates, Kayle uses the R attack on them to make the fight a victory easily.

THE ARCHER ASHE – Champion for newbies

The archer general is the easiest to play of all archers. Without too many techniques to use in team fights, Ashe’s job was simply to move and release his bow and arrow. After being reworked, Ashe’s Attention to Attention (Q) technique allowed her to “fly a kite” on her targets better.

Rocket Scatter (W) shoots 9 arrows in a wide cone, causing slow effects, extremely easy to play. The arrow (E) and the ribbon (R) are directional with two moves, but they cover a wide area of the map. The technique of seeing off helps Ashe illuminate hidden corners with no vision. And the Great Ice off (R) is also an interesting skill champion for newbies when stunning up to 3.5 seconds.