April 19, 2021


Game CMD 368

Chang’e Mobile Legends New Season: Build Up, Emblems



Chang’e is currently one of the meta heroes because of the tremendous amount of damage she inflicted even at level 4 without any items. That is why she is a hero worth learning and using. We will talk about how in this post.

Skills of Chang’e


Passive: Trouble Maker

Each time Chang’e skills damage an enemy unit, she will leave a mark on it, where her next skill damage will increase by 2%, stacking up to 20 times to Increases damage by up to 40%.

Skill 1: Starmoon Shockwave

She launches an orb of energy forward, dealing 340/380/420/460/500/540 (+ 120% Magic Power) magic damage to enemies and slowing them by 40% for 1, 5 seconds.

Crescent Moon: sends 4 energy orbs beside her, each orb deals 20% less damage or 68/76/84/92/100/108 (+ 24% Magic Power) magic damage and Slows enemies by up to 75%.

Trouble Maker: With 5 points max (10%), Crescent Moon can deal up to 285.6 / 319.2 / 352.8 / 386.4 / 420 / 453.6 (+ 100.8% Magic Power) magic) magic damage with her, dealing maximum total damage 625.6 / 699.2 / 772.8 / 846.4 / 920 / 993.6 (+ 220.8% Magic power) mercy.

The Energy Orb of Chang’e always hits first, applying Trouble Maker’s signature before any of Crescent Moon’s energy orbs hits.

NOTE: The numbers are subject to change in the game due to individual calculation and skill rounding.

Skill 2: Crescent Moon

She summons a Crescent Moon to bless herself, gaining Shield 400/450/500/550/600/650 (+ 120% Magic Power) and increasing Movement Speed ​​by 15%. The shield is permanent as long as it is active, and her basic attacks and skills are strengthened.

Crescent Moon: Whenever Chang’e performs a Basic Attack, the Crescent Moon will also deal (+ 20% Physical Attack) (+ 30% Magic Power) magic damage twice or (+ 40 % Physical Attack) (+ 60% Magic Power) Magic Damage to the target of the target.

She advanced basic attack doesn’t apply Trouble Maker markers.

Crescent Moon’s basic attacks can be combined separately, but hit effects can only be activated once. Advanced basic attacks can also apply item effects.

Skill 3: Meteor Shower

Chang’e gathers strength and gains 20% Movement Speed ​​for 4 seconds. Meanwhile, she launches 30 Meteors forward, each of which deals 60/80/100 (+ 20% Magic Power) magic damage (Deals 200% damage to minions and creeps).

Crescent Moon: will use Meteorite with her, each meteor deals 33% damage reduction or 26.7 / 35 / 43.3 (+ 6.7% ability power) magic damage.

Trouble Maker: With 20 points maximum (40%) or after 20 hits of Meteor, she can deal 3810% maximum damage on average of a Base Meteor or 2286/3048/3810 (+ 762% Magic Power) magic damage. With Crescent Moon, the damage increases to 5870% of Base Meteorite or 3522/4696/5870 (+ 1174% Magic Power) magic damage.

NOTE: The numbers presented here are approximate only due to in-game differences from individual calculations, skill hit rounding, and Meteors’ interaction with Trouble Maker.

Battle spells and Emblems for Chang’e


Battle spell:



Mage Emblem: Agility – Observation – Impure Rage

How to build items for Chang’e

  • Enchanted Talisman + Arcane Boots + Lightning Truncheon + Concentrated Energy + Holy Crystal + Blood Wings
  • Clock of Destiny + Magic Shoes + Enchanted Talisman + Concentrated Energy + Glowing Wand + Blood Wings
  • Magic Shoes + Glowing Wand + Concentrated Energy + Ice Queen Wand + Holy Crystal + Blood Wings