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Chernobylite Guide – Useful Tips And Tricks For New Players


Recent years have seen Eastern European landscapes blend with post-Soviet imagery to create something truly unique in the world of video games. Farm 51’s Chernobylite is another attempt at this same recipe, albeit with a few highlights of its own. It had a few issues, but has since been improved upon and received a positive response from players and critics alike. 

Surviving With Igor – Chernobylite 


Igor, the game’s protagonist, has three stats that the player needs to keep at a safe level, at all times. Those are Psyche, Health, and Armor. Psyche will decrease if Igor has to kill enemies or deal with mutant creatures. If Psyche is depleted, health will also gradually deplete.

As for the Health bar, it’s simple enough – try not to get bumped or face the harmful effects of the environment. Red spots will also be seen if Igor is damaged by radiation. They can only be cured with Anti-Radiation Ointment. The Armor bar will take damage instead of the Health bar if Igor is equipped with armor. Players must craft armor at their base through the Armorsmith in the Warehouse.

Important Recipes

Because Chernobylite has a large open world that requires a lot of exploration, players will come across a lot of items that they want to put in their inventory. Unfortunately, the inventory isn’t that big. Players will have to pick and choose important items. We recommend that they memorize the recipes and the ingredients needed for the important ones.

This can help them craft items quickly when they are required. This will help the player progress at a steady rate without having to return to base due to a lack of ointment or salt.

Avoid Gunfights


In a post-apocalyptic setting such as Chernobylite, wasting ammo when the player could easily choose an alternative path to avoid violence, is not a good idea. Ammo is a scarce item in the game. Furthermore, most of the enemies in the game are actually much stronger than Igor, the player character. This means that more often than not, players will have to spend more than one bullet trying to kill their enemies.

Combat is a last resort for any quest – players should only engage in combat if they see that there is no way out of the situation. Note that, try to upgrade weapons when possible to increase their effectiveness.

Morale Compass – Chernobylite 

Food is associated with the spirit. Igor can build many Vegetable Gardens to grow food. The player can also go out on quests or run to collect food for Igor and the rest of the crew. At the end of each day, the food must be divided equally among everyone. If there is a lot of food left, the player can double the amount of food to the members of the party to keep them healthy and mentally healthy.

However, if the player gives more food to those who have failed a particular mission, the other members of the crew will not do this well. They will see incompetence rewarded, leading to low morale.

Base Decorations – Chernobylite


If players want to keep their crew members happy, they also need to make sure the base is more than the bare minimum. Crew members wanted to be linked to a site that looked like it was growing. Therefore, only progressing in quests will not work – the player must decorate his base to a certain extent.

A base with the lowest minimum will attract no companions and may cause crew members to leave due to unhappiness and low morale. Players can start by making sure that every crew member has a proper bed to sleep in. This should be enough to lift morale for a considerable amount of time.