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Chiefs Esports Club vs Gravitas Prediction – LCO Split 2 – 08/04

Chiefs Esports Club vs Gravitas prediction

Chiefs Esports Club vs Gravitas prediction

Chiefs Esports Club vs Gravitas prediction on August 04, 2021. Although they know there are not many opportunities, experts believe that Gravitas will play offensively from the beginning. Although they have little hope, they expect the opponent to make mistakes to take advantage of the early game. However, Chiefs Esports Club doesn’t get bored of it too much, they have Lived or Kisee with a pretty good personal skill set that is ready to go solo at any time.

Chiefs Esports Club Overview

Chiefs Esports Club has fallen behind in the race to the top of the table when receiving the most recent defeat against ORDER, now they are 3rd in the standings with 12 wins and 6 losses. Although they are sure of the next place, they still need to protect their 3rd place if they don’t want to be dropped again. The opponent in this round is not too difficult when it’s just Gravitas. Statistics show that the last 4 times they met Chiefs Esports Club were all winners. So it wouldn’t be too surprising if they continue to do it again.

Gravitas Overview

With the latest victory over PEACE, Gravitas has relived their chances of progressing to the next round. They jumped to 5th place in the standings with 7 wins and 11 losses. However, the opponent in this match is Chiefs Esports Club, this team is said to be the match of Gravitas when winning all 17 meetings. 

Although the opponent has just received a defeat, it is against ORDER a team with very strong strength. Gravitas’ chance of surprise is very low when the recent form is quite poor. Perhaps Gravitas will focus on the next match against MAMMOTH, but in this match, defeat is still inevitable.

Chiefs Esports Club vs Gravitas prediction

Analysts also predict that Gravitas will be the team to take the counterattack of Chiefs Esports Club, leading to the opponent bringing the advantage after the laning phase. 

Talking about the map control aspect, Chiefs Esports Club is of course a complete superior team, not too surprised if Chiefs Esports Club is a team that completely controls big targets like dragons or messengers. 

From here, the snowball game will begin to set up, causing Gravitas to hold the minion farm. But it is difficult to do anything more, and the Chiefs Esports Club will begin to control the Baron by planting wards as well as performing forest robbery.

When the main members of Gravitas did not have a great opportunity, it was also the time when the Chiefs Esports Club finished the match with the Baron. With the strongest buff on the map on foot, the Chiefs Esports Club will end the match sooner or later.

Chiefs Esports Club vs Gravitas bet prediction

Chiefs Esports Club vs Gravitas total score prediction:

Game 1: Chiefs Esports Club

Total score 1-0 (Chiefs Esports Club win)

Handicap bet (Chiefs Esports is handicapped 0.5 )

Choose Chiefs Esports

First Blood:

Game 1: Chiefs Esports Club

Total Kill Point:

Game 1: Chiefs Esports Club 17-5 Gravitas (Under)


Chiefs Esports Club: Lived, Mboma, Swathe, Kisee, Dragku

Gravitas: Safa, Thomas Shen, Azus, Kyose, Floppy