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Chinese Civilization Guide – Age Of Empires 4 Tips

Chinese Civilization

Chinese Civilization

The Chinese are the best building civilization in the Age of Empires 4. The Chinese can quickly build a lot of buildings and fortifications and thus advance to the later ages faster. Also, they were not limited in what landmarks they could build, as building both brought them to a new dynasty. Faster construction times and landmarks give the Chinese Civilization increased competitiveness, thus making China one of the best civilizations in the game.

Chinese Civilization Bonuses

  • Villagers build defenses 50 percent faster and all other structures 100 percent faster.
  • Enter a Dynasty by building both landmarks from an Age, providing access to special rewards.
  • Chemical Technology is granted free of charge with the upgrade to Age Imperial (Four Years).
  • Dock works 20 percent faster.

China operates differently from other civilizations because they go through ages and dynasties. The difference between Age and Dynasty is that Age requires a landmark to be built, while Dynastys requires both landmarks. So, for example, if you entered the Second Age by building the Royal Academy. Then you can make the Barbican of the Sun. 

Once you have both, you’ll enter the next Dynasty and get bonus stats for your units and empire. If you’re more focused on rapidly advancing through the Ages, you only need to build one landmark per Age. A word of warning, when you leave the next Dynasty you will lose the ability of that Dynasty.

This large number of buildings and landmarks will consume your resources. Luckily, your villagers will get their build time sped up, making it easy to quickly allocate some villagers to build and then send them back to gather resources. 

Also worth noting is that the Chinese were able to capture court officers, who would collect taxes from nearby resource collection buildings. Alternatively, builders can create Villages that add 40 spaces to your total population (Song Dynasty requirement). The message here is that efficient construction is the key to success for Chinese civilization.

Unique Units

  • Zhuge Nu: An effective crossbowman compared to light units.
  • Fire Lancer: Effective light cavalry unit against buildings.
  • Grenadier: Throws a grenade that deals damage in the area of ​​effect.
  • Nest of Bees: Fires a series of rockets, dealing area damage.

The Chinese have powerful military units and excel in combat. From defending your walls for Zhuge Liang to burning down enemy buildings with Fire Lancer. There is something for everyone in terms of the Chinese Army. 

That said, the Chinese are inclined towards siege units, and if you’re intent on destroying your opponent’s landmarks, use the Beehive, Fire Spear, and Great War to crush them. Whichever strategy you choose, the Chinese Civilization military will be there to support you.

Chinese Civilization Throughout Ages

Age One

When starting out as a Chinese, you want to consider how your empire will expand. In particular, you’ll want to consider a building layout that will make your tax collection more efficient. Furthermore, you will need to ensure that your resource collection is extensive and that your scouts are looking for sheep and trading pegs.

During the Tang Dynasty, you will improve the visibility of your scouts, making their exploration skills better.

Age Two

Start the Second Age by building the Royal Academy or Barbican of the Sun. Imperial Acadamy will increase taxes on buildings within a certain radius, helping you to collect even more gold.

On the other is the Barbican Sun. The Barbican of the Sun functions as a sentry and deals extra damage while stationed. The Sun Barbican is often more useful immediately, so you’ll probably want to build it first. In this Age, you should start fortifying your empire with stone walls and continue to build an economy with merchants.

If you build both landmarks, you will move to the next age, Song Dynasty. The main reward for this Dynasty is the Village, which acts as an upgraded version of a house. Building a Village increases your population cap to 40. Additionally, you now have access to a repeating crossbow unit. Plus, the production rate in your village increases.

Age Three – Chinese civilization

To enter the Third Age, build the Astronomical Clock Tower or the Royal Palace. The Astronomical Clock Tower acts as a siege workshop but grants 50% more health to your siege units. 

The Royal Palace has a large viewing radius around wherever you build it, and it allows you to see enemy villagers anywhere on the map. This is a powerful maphack that gives you an edge when planning sieges. The Royal Palace is a good choice for a first landmark to build as it allows you to plan ahead of your final siege. Also, it can tell you what your enemies are building or planning to do.

After you’ve built both landmarks for Age Three, you’ll enter the Yuan Dynasty. During the Yuan Dynasty, you could build a Grain building to boost food production. Additionally, you will unlock the Fire Lancer unit and get an increase in the unit’s movement speed.

Age Four

The Last Age of Chinese civilization requires you to build a Great Wall Gatehouse or a Spirit Way. Great Wall Gatehouse strengthens your stone walls. While this may be a convenient landmark, it does not align with the interests of the Spirit Way. 

Spirit Way allows you to craft any unit from the previous Dynasty for 30% less cost. One thing that happens when you leave a Dynasty is that you lose the only units of that Dynasty. But, if you build the Landmark Spirit Way, you will regain access to all of them. This landmark can be very important when you make the last moves to destroy your opponent.

After you have built both landmarks for the fourth age, you will enter the Ming Dynasty and be able to build pagodas. If you place a relic in the Temple, you will get 50 food, wood, gold, and stone every 30 seconds. In addition, you will unlock Grenadier units and receive health bonuses for your units.