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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Chris Moves, Strategy Guide



As a member of the Special Operations and Rescue Service (STARS), Chris Redfield was one of the first to be on the scene investigating strange events that happened in and around Raccoon City and this continued through the demolition of Umbrella, a biological warfare research and testing company. Through all of this, he saw the betrayal of S.T.A.R.S. Captain, Albert Wesker, and the apparent death of his mate Jill Valentine. He becomes a founding member of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Coalition (BSAA) and continues the fight against bioterrorism.

Chris Gameplay


His move set includes the use of a variety of weapons, including, but not limited to: Magnums, Flamethrowers, Shotguns, and Rocket Launchers, making him a very versatile shun character. His melee moves lacked range but were compensated for by strength. He can also exceptionally cancel many of his moves.

With his arsenal and heavy explosives, Chris plays well as an out-of-the-box character. His trusty sub-machine gun can keep characters at a distance, while this handgun stuns opponents in addition to dealing damage, making them vulnerable to attack. In particular, can easily perform the Hyper Combo Launch a Grenade during his secondary machine-gun attack.

His mines can act as a trap to catch the descending characters suddenly off guard, as well as his burning grenades. One of his main weaknesses is his lack of defense. He has a hard time defending against opponents that focus on aerial attacks, so characters with anti-air support are highly recommended.

Special Moves And Command Normals


Low Shot

Chris wields a pistol and shoots in a downward direction and hits OTG making it great at expanding combos. This can also be done when jumping.

Stun Rod

He uses a stun rod to shock his opponent.


He uses a flamethrower to burn nearby opponents and deal extremely good chip damage.

Gun Fire

His standard bullet. He can use a machine gun, shotgun, or a magnum depending on the strength of the button being used. This move is also available and some OTG hits.

Grenade Toss

He currently throws a bullet to the ground and can be a mine, incendiary or explosive material. All of these projectiles hit OTG.

Combination Punch

He unleashes a lot of punches on opponents and can end up in multiple ways depending on the ultimate strength of the button used.

Prone Position

He gets into a tummy pose very well in stopping some attacks and super combos.

Prone Shot

Available only in Tilted Pose. Chris fired a bullet at his opponent and could not shoot quickly

Chris Hyper Combos

Grenade Launcher

His best full-screen hyper combo. He uses a grenade launcher and launches a first nitrogen missile that freezes his opponent. He then followed it with a flying rocket he launched overhead. He then fired two more rockets that exploded in succession before his launch missile hit the opponent. This can be useful in Team Hyper Combo as it attacks full screen and can be fought against other full-screen attackers.

Sweep Combo

His best hyper inside of combos. First, he slashes his opponent with a knife and then uses his stun stick. He then fired a bullet from his handgun and then fired some SMG bullets before firing from his revolver. He then shoots one final rocket to finish the combo.

Satellite Laser

Chris summons a targeting device that allows the player to direct the laser to any position on the screen. This move is his biggest damage super combo as it consumes three levels of the super meter and deals 446,000 non-scale damage. This move also hits OTG but is difficult to combine with.