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Free Fire: Christiano Ronaldo Expresses His Feelings of Being an Ambassador!

Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo (CR7) gave his opinion about the collaboration with Free Fire! Surely you already know the phenomenal collaboration that is happening in the game Free Fire. After collaborating with the Demon Slayer anime, Garena chose to collaborate again to welcome a big event in December 2020. 

The Operation Chrono event, which was present in the OB25 update a few days ago, collaborated with the legendary soccer player, Christiano Ronaldo.

Christiano Ronaldo

CR7 has been reported to be the Ambassador of the Free Fire game for the Operation Chrono event from before the event posting came out. 

In this event, CR7 will be used as a character named Chrono and can be used by players.

Taking a futuristic theme which is certainly very cool, Ronaldo will appear as a character wearing a cool robe, who also has a futuristic appearance. Ronaldo also appears in the Free Fire Event Chrono trailer, and also the trailer with Joe Taslim, who is also the Ambassador of Free Fire.

Talking about his collaboration, Ronaldo also gave the impression he felt about being an Ambassador. Reporting from RevivalTV, Ronaldo said that this game was a very extraordinary game, and the team from Garena was really working hard to make this event well.

Christiano Ronaldo

“It feels great not only to have a character in a game like Free Fire imitate me, but also to have an in-game universe specially created for this collaboration. The Garena team has worked hard to bring many interesting features and elements to Operation Chrono. I hope Free Fire players around the world are as passionate as me! “Ronaldo said in the RevivalTV Interview.

You can directly enjoy Operation Chrono which will be present on Sunday, December 13, 2020, and look forward to the arrival of the Chrono character on December 19, 2020 .

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