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Cloud 9 vs Evil Geniuses Prediction – LCS 2021 – 08/20

Cloud 9 vs Evil Geniuses prediction

Cloud 9 vs Evil Geniuses prediction

Cloud 9 vs Evil Geniuses prediction on August 20, 2021. Both teams have a relatively similar style of play in the early game. When they both aim to win early to create an advantage.

Cloud 9 Overview

Suddenly losing to Team Liquid made Cloud9 fall straight to the losing bracket. But here it didn’t take them too long to beat the Golden Guardians. The opponent in this next round will be Evil Geniuses, a team that is too familiar with Cloud9. In the last 8 times, this team met, causing Cloud9 to lose 6 times. However, experts are still trusting Cloud9 in this match. So remember this is a Bo5 bet, not like the group stage, which is just a risky bo1.

Evil Geniuses Overview

Despite having an overwhelming head-to-head record, just pay close attention to see that Evil Geniuses only won in bo1 bets. In the last 2 times they clashed with Cloud9 in bo5 bets, they were all losers. Even those were fairly quick defeats for Evil Geniuses, so the difference in competition genre brought very different results. It seems that Cloud 9 has a clear intention when falling to the losing bracket. They completely dodged the opponents directly competing for the championship. Experts still predict a distinct victory for Cloud 9 in this match.

Cloud 9 vs Evil Geniuses prediction

With a better team of players like Perkz or Blaber, it is more likely that the first victory still belongs to Cloud9. Cloud 9 also shows that they make good use of the first blood as a way to create an advantage in the dragon’s cave. 

Their first dragon rate is very high compared to the opponent when it is 52% while Evil Geniuses is only 40%. It proves that they will have a very strong fight right after. However, Evil Geniuses focused on the head turret as well as the rift herald more. Then they could balance the amount of money without losing the first dragon. 

However, not being able to control the dragon is easy to make Evil Geniuses lose the advantage in the mid-game. The opponent pushes up the squad to force continuous fights with the elemental dragon buff on their feet. Cloud 9 will immediately snowball the opponent when they have an advantage thanks to an odd catch of 2 to 3 kills. 

They will immediately end up with the Baron when this maximum target ratio is up to 70%. From the above analysis and experience in Bo5 bet, the final score is predicted to be 3-1 in favor of Cloud9.

Cloud 9 vs Evil Geniuses bet prediction

Cloud 9 vs Evil Geniuses total score prediction: 3-1

Total Kill Points:

  • Game 1: Cloud 9 20 – 11 Evil Geniuses (Choose Cloud 9 – Over)
  • Game 2: Cloud 9 22 – 13 Evil Geniuses (Choose Cloud 9 – Over)
  • Game 3: Cloud 9 7 – 15 Evil Geniuses (Choose Evil Geniuses – Under)
  • Game 4: Cloud 9 16 – 5 Evil Geniuses (Choose Cloud 9 – Under)

First Blood:

  • Game 1: Cloud9
  • Game 2: Cloud 9
  • Game 3: Evil Geniuses
  • Game 4: Cloud 9

First 10 Kill Points:

  • Game 1: Cloud 9
  • Game 2: Evil Geniuses
  • Game 3: Evil Geniuses
  • Game 4: Cloud 9


Cloud 9: Fudge, Zven, Blaber, Perkz, Vulcan

Evil Geniuses: ​​​​​​Impact, Jiizuke,Danny, Contractz, IgNar