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Cloud9 vs Damwon KIA Prediction – Worlds Group A – 10/13

Cloud9 vs Damwon KIA Prediction

Cloud9 vs Damwon KIA prediction on October 13, 2021. Experts predict that Cloud9 will overflow at the beginning of this match, they want to give a full match in their last match. This is also an appropriate strategy if you want to gain an advantage in the early game against a DWG KIA, but according to experts, Cloud9 will soon fall into Damwon KIA’s anti-gank traps.

Cloud9 Overview

Cloud9 vs Damwon KIA Prediction

Cloud9 had almost no chance of making it into the group with the top 2 teams of the LCK and LPL. But the way they performed couldn’t be worse with a failed opening match against Rogue. It seems that the prospect of not getting a win after the group stage is over is slowly coming to Cloud9. As their opponent in this last match is DWG KIA who is in very good form at the moment.

Damwon KIA Overview

Cloud9 vs Damwon KIA Prediction

Not being afraid of Bo1 bets is what the LCK teams showed in this year’s world finals. But the one who initiated it was DWG KIA with an impressive victory over FunPlus Phoenix on the opening day. However, DWG KIA still has a disadvantage that is framing the strategy too safely. But against a declining opponent like Cloud9, perhaps everything is not too dangerous.

Cloud9 vs Damwon KIA Prediction

The team from Korea inherently owns names with very good individual skill sets. That is Khan in the top lane or ShowMaker in the mid lane. Not to mention the dragon lane duo that is superior to Ghost and BeryL. The first victory in this match will soon belong to DWG KIA only. They have always done well in the early game in their last two matches.

Cloud9 is different from them playing sporadically in many positions. their key player Perkz is no longer keeping his form and Blaber can’t deal damage in the early game. The biggest difference between the two teams is probably still the tactics. DWG KIA always tightly controls big targets on the map like dragons or messengers. 

Cloud9 vs Damwon KIA Prediction

Meanwhile, Cloud9 only tries to gain an advantage with odd teamfights. But they probably only pick up a few odd lives when DWG KIA they play too much. They want to take all 3 lanes. However, perhaps DWG KIA has learned a lot from the last match against Rogue. The number 1 Korean team still knows how to make a difference in decisive situations such as fighting in the thousand-year-old dragon. 

DWG KIA’s division of pushers is also delicate in pull situations. There are cases where it looks like a draw but they are still more profitable than the opponent. The difference is too big in terms of strength and performance at the moment, the victory will still belong to DWG KIA only.

Cloud9 vs Damwon KIA Bet Prediction

Cloud9 vs Damwon KIA total score prediction:

Game 1: Damwon KIA

Total score 0-1 (Damwon KIA wins)

Cloud9 vs Damwon KIA Handicap (Damwon KIA Handicap 9.5 kills)

First blood:

Game 1: Damwon KIA

Total rounds:

Game 1: Cloud9 3-14 Damwon KIA (Under)


Cloud9: Fudge, Zven, Blaber, Perkz, Vulcan

Damwon KIA: Khan, Ghost, Canyon, ShowMaker, BeryL