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Cloud9 vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction – Worlds Group A – 10/12

Cloud9 vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction

Cloud9 vs FunPlus Phoenix prediction on October 12, 2021. It must be said that the loss against DWG KIA came from the ways of the individuals in the FunPlus Phoenix lineup. Part of it is that Shenyi support player who is only a secondary player has to try in such a top match is too much.

Cloud9 Overview

Cloud9 vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction

Having to fall into a group A is too fierce, of course, even if it is Cloud9. A big team in the LCS is also underestimated, having to win tickets to the group stage directly. With tickets after the play-in round also makes Cloud9 evaluated lowest in this group. 

Cloud9 can surprise opponents with their strange playing style. But in front of a team from China with an outstanding level, failure is inevitable for Cloud9.

FunPlus Phoenix Overview

Cloud9 vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction

Finding someone to vent will probably be the thing right now for the players of FunPlus Phoenix. They had to receive a heavy defeat in the opening match against DWG KIA. That made FunPlus Phoenix somewhat hurt when they were more appreciated before entering that match. So only a victory or even an overwhelming victory against Cloud9 would restore the honor to FunPlus Phoenix.

Cloud9 vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction

In this match, the opponent will be much better, when it is only Cloud9, the team that is only a shadow of themselves. Mid laner Perkz is still the main strength of this team. He always has the right roams as well as supporting the dragon duo Zven and Vulcan as green as possible. However, in this match, Perkz’s opponent is Doinb, a top mid laner in the LPL. So a draw might have been difficult, let alone supporting the bot duo.

Cloud9 is probably still loyal to the initial balancing strategy. They always want to take advantage of Blade ganking early to create a surprise advantage when Perkz has reasonable roams. However, FunPlus Phoenix is ​​very determined to bring about a victory. They will not hesitate to directly respond to the opponent with counter-ganks as well as reverse the fight early. 

Cloud9 vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction

With FunPlus Phoenix’s destructive attack, perhaps Cloud9 will be difficult to resist. So remember Cloud9 always has psychological problems when facing older or more qualified opponents. Their problem is that they don’t know how to back off when the enemy forces them to fight.

But when they jump into combat, their personal skills are not enough, leading to too many kills. From here, FunPlus Phoenix can completely target the pillars to increase the distance in terms of money. But Cloud9 can still exploit Shenyi’s position when this guy’s protection is not too good.

Cloud9 vs FunPlus Phoenix Bet Prediction

Cloud9 vs FunPlus Phoenix total score prediction:

Game 1: FunPlus Phoenix

Total score 0-1 (FunPlus Phoenix won the bet)

Cloud9 vs FunPlus Phoenix Handicap (FunPlus Phoenix Handicap 8.5 kills)

First blood:

Game 1: FunPlus Phoenix

Total kills:

Game 1: Cloud9 7-21 FunPlus Phoenix (Over)

First Dragon:

Game 1: FunPlus Phoenix


Cloud9: Fudge, Zven, Blaber, Perkz, Vulcan

FunPlus Phoenix: Nuguri, Lwx, Tian, Doinb, Shenyi