July 27, 2021


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Coated – New breeze in the top lane of VCS Summer 2020

Coated had a strong transformation at VCS Summer 2020

Coated had a strong transformation at VCS Summer 2020

Coated‘s appearance at VCS Summer 2020 was a refreshing change to revive Team Secret’s spirit at VCS Summer 2020. In this article, we will find out the reason why Coated has made a strong transformation. so strong!

Coated had a strong transformation at VCS Summer 2020
had a strong transformation at VCS Summer 2020

Since KingJ retired due to injury, the top lane has become a difficult problem for Team Secret. Hani is not too bad at tank champions but is ineffective on champions that require high skill and deal a lot of damage puts Team Secret’s damage on the roles of Celeb and Artifact. However, the summer of 2020 saw a strong Team Secret with the top lane as a spearhead. Only after a season of professional competition, Coated is now the biggest surprise at VCS Summer 2020.


Why do we consider this problem when discussing Coated. What is most obvious in VCS Summer 2020 top lane is that the area is slowly revolving around a few champions. The teams prioritize fighters who have strong laning abilities and contribute a lot to teamfights, so Renekton, Mordekaiser, Volibear, or Wukong are a priority.

Coated has a good solo skill at VCS Summer 2020
has a good solo skill at VCS Summer 2020

The picks and bans became increasingly boring as teams always banned or picked these champions. If there were no other options, Ornn would be a possible choice for them. The gladiator champions were strong in the split push and single-target damage slowly disappearing, leaving only Akali used occasionally by confident players. However, Akali gives her the appearance of an assassin more than a gladiator. Coated was the one who brought a very strong pushback wave when he brought Jax against OPG.

Until Coated played Jax, the VCS Summer 2020 players seemed to forget about the champion’s existence. So far, Jax has only been picked 7 times and Coated has used this general 5 times with an 80% win rate. In addition to Jax, Coated also made Camille popular again, Steel Ball has been selected up to 11 times and gradually becomes a rival to the current gladiators. The appearance of the two generals Jax and Camille made the audience more excited by the strong fighting style of the two.

Jax and Camille can both punish opponents with kills if they don’t notice when exchanging moves. Coated expressed this very well when he had 700 MVP points thanks to the bright performances. In addition, Coated also brought VCS Summer 2020 a mischievous and extremely uncomfortable play push. Something VCS Summer 2020 fans have rarely seen compared to before. VCS Summer 2020 has a long way to go and hope that Coated will bring new things to the tournament.


The top teams at VCS Summer 2020 all have a solid top lane to rely on. GAM had Kiaya or formerly Zeros, Team Flash owned Yoshino, CES had LL. Only Team Secret still cannot fill the position that KingJ left. Hani tried very hard but still did not make the fans less her nostalgia for KingJ. Last spring, Coated had to share his playing time with Hani plus lack of professional playing experience, so that Coated had not received 100% confidence. However, Coated in the VCS Summer 2020 was a completely different player and TS fans were able to be assured of the team’s top lane.

Coated become an important person in Team Secret
become an important person in Team Secret

The most noticeable thing in Coated in the VCS Summer 2020 is that this player has very calm moves against the opponent. In the match against EVS in the first leg, Sorn kept asking Coated to help Zeros to take advantage of the snowball. Coated slowly neutralizes all Sorn attacks, causing EVS junglers to spend a lot of time and cannot reach their goals. During that time, DNK took timely steps to help Team Secret’s mid and bottom lane completely dominate the game. In addition, there was a time when Coated had a kill when Sorn and Zeros tried to survive, causing EVS’s plan to collapse.

When Hani was in the squad, DNK spent quite a bit of time in the top lane to make sure Hani was not overwhelmed. With Coated, Team Secret seems to be very comfortable deploying other tactics. Coated is a collision player and always tries to find ways to have opponents, so he tends to attract opponents’ junglers. However, Coated always knew his limits and retreated in time to give his teammates space to control the target or vision.