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Code Vein Guide – Beginners Tips You Might Need

Code Vein

Code Vein

There’s a lot more to Code Vein than just slashing enemies your way. There’s a complex (and malleable) classification system for blood codes, magical breed gifts, and dog coats. Below, we’ll walk you through everything we’ve learned – and everything we wish we knew – in our first few hours with the game.

Learn To Parry

Code Vein

More than anything else, learning to parry and retreat will help you survive and kill missing people in Code Vein.

Parting works as you might expect: You press a button to deflect an earnings shot. Parrying starts to take longer than you might expect, so practice early on low-level enemies. Once you master it, parrying will trigger a drain attack, consuming ichor (magic points) from enemies.

Drain attacks are of two types: charged drain and back attacks. The amount of ichor you get for killing an enemy depends on the weapon and the blood veil (your coat).

  • Charged drain attacks are, well, charged when you hold down a button.
  • Back attacks are attacks from behind your enemy with a weak attack button. These deal terrible damage and are easily obtained just by running (or rolling) around your enemies.

We can’t stress enough how useful drains – especially back attacks – are. They make you invulnerable to attacks while they’re going, and they’ll kill most low-level enemies with a single hit.

Keep A Bayonet

You have two weapon slots in Code Vein, and you can switch between them at any time with the touch of a button. One weapon should be your preferred damage device, but keep a bayonet in the other slot.

The bayonet’s powerful attack is a long-range anchored projectile. It’s great for killing enemies waiting for you on the other side of the bridge or clearing enemies waiting to rush to the ceiling. (And you’ll usually see the full ichor because you’re backstabbing everything)

Use Your Gifts – Code Vein

Code Vein

Each health code (like a class – more health codes below) has associated gifts, which are magic-like abilities to do things like buff you and your teammates, increase your damage or attack the enemy directly. You can equip up to eight gifts at a time (and the gifts you equip, and their layout in the menu, can be different for each health code).

You’ll unlock additional gifts for each health code by progressing in the game, defeating certain enemies, or finding more vestiges.

Using gifts costs ichor. It’s easy to forget to use them if you focus on melee, but that’s a mistake. Since you’re killing every enemy you can (that’s our first tip for a reason), you’ll be constantly replenishing your anchor.

Blood Veil – Code Vein

Code Vein

Your Blood Cloth is the coat you wear when you go out fighting monsters. It is also what you use to perform attrition attacks.

Each veil of health has armor-like stats you’d expect like defense and stamina, but each curtain also changes your gift (magic ability) stats – gifts How strong is your gift – and each has its own attrition attack stat.

Different blood nets perform drain attacks with different attack patterns – like slash or pierce. That means you’ll have to balance how well you use your gifts and how vulnerable your enemies are against the defenses and resistances of a blood veil.