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Cold War: Checkmate Map Guide – Best Classes, Rush Routes, Grenade Spots


Checkmate is a map built almost entirely around a single area, at least in a more enclosed area than many other maps. In the center is a flat surface, and the surrounding rack has several containers and a little more space. This is about all the features on the surface. In addition, the map actually contains some interesting geometry and can benefit from a more measured style of play along with aggressive dips.

Checkmate Map Guide


The map is a training facility that includes a dummy plane, a rack area, and several containers around it. There are some interior sections and even areas trimmed to have a multi-tier approach. The layouts of the targets on this map are all quite central. With Domination and Hardpoint especially grouping almost everything around the plane. The map can be chaotic, but it has proven to be quite popular. The small location gives the map a clear focus, but you need to know a little more about it:

Elevated Platforms

A map with elevated sections gives a more advantageous position on the map. They are spread out so you can usually see the opposite half of the map. This means that you are almost always at risk of getting a tactical shot or sniping when outdoors.

At the right-center of the map, the drone itself could be a real focus. Using it might make map control simpler, but don’t feel like this is the only important part of the map. It may grab your attention but it’s really just a field, taking photos there can be as important as jumping in to capture the plane itself.

Lines of Sight

Containers spread across the map create a surprising amount of coverage for such a small space. Checkmate can be a handy map where a corner and line of sight are kept. If you’ve played a lot of Valorants then switching to a more conservative and tactical approach here can be beneficial.

Chokepoints of Checkmate

The map is too small to have any major routes, congestion points tend to grow around the entire center and plane. This area is the key to achieving nearly all of the possible goals and it is the focal point.


There is a barrel of ammunition near the plane on the map. Any team can use this to reload their ammunition. This is quite helpful, but be wary it is an easy target for both teams as well as resources.

Cold War Checkmate Tips and Tricks


Those are the main areas and factors to keep in mind when playing Checkmate. These tips and tricks include other things you need to know to stand out on this map:

  • Aircraft – Airplanes only bring players in, a lot of people focus exclusively on this part of the map. This is especially true in the game’s early stages. So what are you doing here? Don’t rush in unless you’re sure of your position. If you are on a plane, slow down and try to lower the player gradually.
  • Close-range weapons – With the majority of the map played close together, the close-range weapon is actually its primary weapon. That doesn’t mean there’s no room for other weapons, but SMGs will really work here.
  • Scorestreaks – Scorestreaks that logically need an open sky for work to work here! So don’t overthink everything. The roof does work, but it doesn’t completely nullify the score.
  • Platforms – Advanced platforms at this level are useful for players who don’t want to go ahead and close. However, they don’t offer any cover so be aware that you may have to get down pretty quickly. This is not a permanent place for snipers.