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Cold War: Crossroads Map Guide – Best Classes, Rush Routes, Grenade Spots


The intersection is one of the larger maps Black Ops Cold War has to offer. Comprised of cliff-top buildings offering an almost limitless amount of views, an uncovered frozen lake, and an abandoned satellite station atop another cliff, the Crossroads is a backdrop. Perfect for large team battles and many long-range battles.

Instead of the typical three-lane design, the Crossroads was done with 12v12 modes and is very entertaining.

Tips and Tricks for Crossroads Map


Be very wary of the channel with high ground

Visibility is a big deal here. It’s easy to catch a Dog’s Day of your own as you will reach it, shot from nowhere, die and repeat. It’s a great way to get ahead on the map, but know that it’s a calculated gamble – not the way we usually do it.

If you are underneath, make sure you are hiding behind a crate before approaching. If you are on high then use one of the metal plates. As long as you get in control of the situation and get obscured, you can definitely earn some kills here.

The ultimate camping spot in Crossroads Map

We all know which one it is, it’s a weird opening to the map, but the risk/reward option is tempting. Basically, a room across the bridge has an open wall that can essentially monitor a common breeding area.

To really take advantage of this, laser a few enemies – maybe 2 or 3? – then retreat around the corner and let the mines close and a handgun take care of some more. Then, take back the element of surprise by bouncing it out again or moving down one floor into the room with the car in the middle.

A steady rotation and a balanced attack strategy can be very beneficial. Spawning camping is obviously bad if you’re on the receiving end, but Treyarch has intentionally created the map this way. The biggest downside is being overwhelmed by grenades from angry breeders.

Use this lane to own objective-based modes

This channel essentially connects all three lanes at the same time, but don’t let that distract you. As long as you don’t get a parking ticket here, then you will definitely earn points and turn the tide of your game.

The area near the tank is the B flag in the Domination and the normal Hardpoint. It’s easy to get out from the opposite end of the area, go up and you might be killed by someone running across the bridge, running out of the factory, and trying to attack that target.

Using shotgun as a secondary weapon

We covered this on point 2 but Crossroads has so many different examples of close-range combat that a Shotgun is required. Anyway, a powerful AR or SMG should be accompanied by a shotgun.

But with two adjacent buildings, each interconnected by multiple interconnecting rooms, there’s plenty of potential for single-shot shootings.

Do not dawdle on choke point bridge in Crossroads Map


The temptation to cross this bridge in Crossroads Map is certainly unrealistic. To get here, you will get some safeguards from one of the two buildings you pass first, which is attractive enough. But basically, the bridge will bring you to the enemy and give the opportunity to clean the house. But the bridge is made or broken.

You should do nothing but RUN over this bridge. Anyone who gets close to the bridge’s opening will usually get there quickly, their gun is already fixed on you and possibly killed you.

A good strategy is to launch a grenade to the other side first, just to clear your suspicious mind. Once finished, sprint, have your pistol, Chopper Gunner ready.