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Control: Ultimate Edition Guide – Some tips we want to share

Control: Ultimate Edition

Control: Ultimate Edition

With Control: Ultimate Edition launching, The Oldest House is open once again. Developer Remedy Entertainment has made some improvements, this enhanced version of the game runs at 60fps or 30fps on the new console and is packaged in two openers in its DLC expansion.

The options menu – Control: Ultimate Edition

Control: Ultimate Edition

First of all, don’t be afraid to go straight to the options menu and turn on the control’s Assistant Mode. Here you can make some settings to suit your taste, reduce enemy damage, replenish energy faster, or even make yourself invincible. The control has no difficulty settings, but using Assist Mode you’re free to create your own – don’t worry, it won’t stop you from unlocking trophies and achievements.

Not a cover-based shooter

Control: Ultimate Edition isn’t something we’d classify as a cover-based shooter. You cannot let Jesse cling to walls and columns like in games like Gears of War or Uncharted. However, learning how to use covers can get you out of a predicament. Remember to use the ignored crouch action, which allows you to crouch and cut off enemy vision.

Read through every collectible 

Read and listen through every collection you find. Each area is stuffed with letters, files, tapes, and other items to explore. This won’t affect gameplay though understanding more about Control’s characters, settings, and underlying mythological driving concepts will certainly improve your overall experience with the game.

Control points – Control: Ultimate Edition

Make sure you locate and clean any Control Points in each area. These checkpoints offer two main benefits, serving as both a free health recharge and a convenient fast-travel location.

Weapon options – Control: Ultimate Edition

Control: Ultimate Edition

Your weapon options may seem limited at first, but Jesse’s service pistol will adapt throughout the game, learning new forms. These will effectively change its behavior to copy the characteristics of other guns. 

In addition to Grip (pistol), you will also unlock Shatter (pistol), Spin (machine gun), Pierce (sniper gun), and Charge (missile launcher) as well as Surge (grenade launcher) which have been added through the AWE expansion. Make sure you experiment with all of them, swapping your payloads to suit certain enemy types and combat situations.

Enhance playstyle by slotting Mods

Another way you can enhance your playstyle is by stacking Modes. These will drop randomly during battles and can also be picked up from glowing crates found in the Oldest House. They come in two different flavors: those that work on weapons and those that affect Jesse’s core abilities. 

The mods you should equip will vary from player to player although we generally improve health, damage, and weapon reload rate. Those who want to show off Jesse’s supernatural powers should invest in chargers and energy recovery as well as Mods dedicated to the ability.

Revisit the Central Executive

Control: Ultimate Edition

Unless you’re no longer interested in Control: Ultimate Edition‘s story, you should take a break from time to time and revisit the Central operating area. It basically serves as Jesse’s headquarters with some important NPCs to chat with, learn more about the game’s lore, and take on additional quests. The Operations Center checkpoint is also the only place where you can change your outfit.