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3 Best Cooperative Zombie Games You Should Try

cooperative zombie games

cooperative zombie games

Zombie games are always a genre that is sought after and enjoyed by a large number of players. There are so many great games out there and even more that are slated to release shortly. However, if you’re looking to play something right now with a friend, we have some cooperative zombie games that we can recommend. With that said, there are certainly plenty of other video games to choose from and even more to come, so if you need something to tie you down check out some of the games we recommend listed below.

Resident Evil Revelations 2

cooperative zombie games

If you enjoyed the Resident Evil Revelations installment, the sequel could be equally as intriguing. It keeps up with the same cooperative zombie games mechanics and style as the first title. Here players are following two other character sets but to avoid spoilers we will stick with only the first main one. This game brought Claire Redfield back to the franchise, where she joined a bioterrorist organization called Terra Save. 

At the welcome party, Barry Burton’s daughter Moira Burton attended to celebrate but the celebration was cut short. A mysterious group breaks in and knocks the duo out of their wake in a mysterious facility on a remote island. Now the two are working together to figure out what’s going on. This is a multi-episode journey but with all the episodes available, players can go through the game to its fullest.

Call of Duty Zombies – cooperative zombie games 

cooperative zombie games

We know this is a common thread but it’s a point worth mentioning, and it’s different Call of Duty games that have the iconic zombie mode. This is a fan-favorite game mode that keeps popping up. 

Here, the game is a bit like Killing Floor 2, where you are facing a wave of zombies as you try to earn money for better weapons along with opening more parts of the level. Usually, you can accomplish a variety of objectives instead of being a wave-based shooter. Since there are so many installs, it’s a game mode worth considering if you happen to have some of the latest Call of Duty video game installations.

Dying Light – cooperative zombie games 

cooperative zombie games

Talking about Techland from our previous point, Dead Island, the game they continue to develop after Dead Island is Dying Light. This one of the cooperative zombie games is quite similar to Dead Island in that you have an open world environment, melee combat with some gun battles along hordes of undead to fight against. 

However, the game has had a major change which focuses more on parkour. Players are running, gliding through objects, and climbing buildings to escape the monsters. This is an important mechanical tool because, at night, zombies are much more aggressive and can chase players around. Like with Dead Island, there’s an online multiplayer component here. 

When players join online, they are free to travel around the world or complete the various missions available. There is even another mode where a group of players must fight against an opposing player taking the role of an undead zombie creature. Here enemy players are trying to beat the survivors while also making various upgrades to their characters to make their attacks even more deadly.