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Copenhagen Flames vs Fiend Prediction – IEM Playoffs – 09/15

Copenhagen Flames vs Fiend Prediction

Copenhagen Flames vs Fiend Prediction

Copenhagen Flames vs Fiend prediction on September 15, 2021. Having a lot of experience in previous defeats, Copenhagen Flames will have more reasonable bans/picks in this match. Most likely they will still aim to ban Dust 2 even though this is not the map with the highest win rate for Fiend.

Copenhagen Flames Overview

With being the team with a higher ranking at the moment, Copenhagen Flames is of course the top team, but their opponent is not comfortable at all when the Fiend team is only 6 places behind in the world rankings. 

In terms of performance, Copenhagen Flames is the better one when they won 8 in the last 10 matches. But if you look at the record of the last 4 confrontations against Fiend, they lost 3 and only won 1. Not far from Copenhagen Flames just lost 1-2 to Fiend at Pinnacle Series on September 1. So if there is revenge in this rematch, it will not be an overwhelming victory.

Fiend Overview

Fiend with being the 31st ranked team in the world is of course slightly underestimated. Their performance at the moment is not too good to expect a win. Statistics show that in the last 10 matches Fiend won 5, the remaining 5 lost, but with just winning the TWR Eastern European Masters. They have the right to be confident in their own strength. Better head-to-head stats are also something to talk about, Fiend will not be easily defeated in this match.

Copenhagen Flames vs Fiend prediction

With the above choices, it is entirely possible for the two teams to draw after the first 2 games. Each side has for themselves the choices that are considered the best. 

This is also reasonable when Fiend is in a slightly weaker form, but the confrontation record is very good. They are strong enough to bring back at least 1 game to win. Moreover, they can shoot their forte maps with a high win rate. However, when entering the 3rd game, everything seems to be more difficult for Fiend, in the remaining 3 maps. 

Copenhagen Flames is slightly better in 2 maps Inferno and Nuke while the best choice for Fiend is Mirage. Looking at the win rate of the two teams, Inferno will be the most balanced map, the two sides also show the balance in this map. 

However, in terms of performance and gameplay, Copenhagen is said to be better at this time, Fiend is relying too much on h4rn. So if this player is caught dead, it will be difficult to get back. The final score is predicted to be 2-1 in favor of Copenhagen Flames.

Copenhagen Flames vs Fiend bet prediction

Copenhagen Flames vs Fiend total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Fiend 0 – 1 Copenhagen Flames
  • Game 2: Fiend 1 – 0 Copenhagen Flames
  • Game 3: Fiend 0 – 1 Copenhagen Flames

Total score 2-1

Handicap bet (Fiend is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose Fiend

First 5 Rounds:

  • Game 1: Copenhagen Flames
  • Game 2: Fiend
  • Game 3: Copenhagen Flames

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Copenhagen Flames 16-12 Fiend (Over)
  • Game 2: Copenhagen Flames 10-16 Fiend (Under)
  • Game 3: Copenhagen Flames 16-13 Fiend (Over)


Copenhagen Flames: HooXi, jabbi, nicoodoz, roeJ, Zyphon

Fiend: bubble, REDSTAR, v1c7oR, dream3r, h4rn