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Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Anti-Cheat System

Counter Strike : Global Offensive

Various complaints have come to game developers regarding the behavior of public players, for example the use of cheat or hack. In Counter Strike : Global Offensive, cheaters have always managed to find a solution to ruin the fun for CS:GO players. And there are many types of cheats that are difficult for the system to detect.  

Counter Strike : Global Offensive

But recently, a group of IT experts from the University of Dallas managed to create an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can detect cheats. Valve feels that the system they currently have is not perfect and wants to try a new system to create a healthier ecosystem.

The system will  be tasked with collecting coding that is supplied from each player’s PC. This Anti-cheat system can detect almost any third-party programs or incompatible programs. If any third-party program or file is detected, the user will receive a warning and may also be blocked from joining the servers. Additional requirements have been added which will have a huge impact on third-party programs interference. 

Trusted Launch Counter Strike : Global Offensive

Counter Strike : Global Offensive

During its development, there were 20 players who participated in the ​​Anti-cheat system trial. All of them use a PC that has been embedded with various cheats such as Aimbot, Wallhack, and Speedhack. They play on an artificial server so as not to disrupt traffic in Counter Strike: Global Offensive public domain. Of the three cheats, none of them managed to get past the game Anti-cheat system. 

Currently, This system was launched globally and can be applied to every player PC. You have to update in order for the ​​Anti-cheat to be installed in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. 

Hopefully with this Anti-cheat system, The Number of Cheaters  in CS:GO can be reduced.