July 27, 2021


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CS:GO – The Cheapest Knives

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was at the forefront of tactical shooters for almost a decade and continues to boast a strong active player base. The marketplace, where players are able to buy and sell in-game cosmetics together, is one feature of the title that has always been popular. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Some players will also prefer to spend slightly more money to ensure that they get the skin they are seeking because of the loot crate system that randomizes what reward players could gain from opening a crate.Knife skins are one of the most common but costly cosmetic products that most players are searching for. 

Many players do not have skin for their knife because of their incredibly low drop risk and hefty price tag. Fortunately, for players looking to get a skin for their knife without breaking the bank, some knives in CS: GO are fairly priced. Let’s take a look!

Shadow Daggers

Shadow Daggers were some of the rarest knife skins in the game when initially released in 2015, but their value has diminished over time as more players look to sell.

A pair of knives and one of the very few dual-wielded weapons in the game are the Shadow Daggers. Some of the more costly weapon skins are still highly sought after and can produce an exorbitant price tag, but skins such as Safari Mesh, Rust Coat, and Stained are typically priced very well and sit about $75.

Navaja Knife – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Navaja Knife, the cheapest of all knives on the market, is one of the game’s easiest and least transformative skins. The knife style was included in an update along with some other new knives back in August 2018. 

There are a lot of skins that vary in appearance and consistency, as with all the different knives in CS: GO, but you can pick up a Navaja Knife for about $66 if you’re after a cheap knife and you’re not too fussed about the aesthetics.

Stiletto Knife

With a retractable spring-loaded blade, the thin straight blade protruding from the handle is what makes the Stiletto Knife special.

While it is the most expensive knife on our list, for a variety of skins, it remains on the cheaper side, available for under $100. Keep your eyes open for a Boreal Forest or Scorched skin if you are after a budget-friendly Stiletto Knife

Gut Knife – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Gut Knife is easily recognizable by the hook on the end of the blade, one of the very first knives to be obtained in CS: GO. For players who are not concerned about skin or consistency, the Gut Knife can be picked up for a similar price to the Shadow Daggers. Safari Mesh, Night, or Rust Coat are the finest budget-friendly skins to keep an eye on the market for.

Falchion Knife

In the hope of getting their hands on the Falchion Knife, players could acquire and open Falchion crates as an addition to the game in April 2017.

The Falchion Knife has a similar look to that of the Navaja Knife, as the full steel handle has a fold-away tip. The popularity of the knife has fallen since its release, however, as many players choose to use larger, flashier knife skins.

Because of this, for a fair price, you can grab a Falchion Knife on the market and add it to your set.