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Cowana Gaming vs NLG Prediction – MEISTERSCHAFT – 10/29

Cowana Gaming vs NLG

Cowana Gaming vs NLG

Cowana Gaming vs NLG prediction on October 29, 2021. Looking at the win rate in all 7 maps, the two sides are quite balanced when they own 3 better maps than the opponent. The only map that is equal is Ancient when they have the same win rate.

Cowana Gaming Overview

It is not surprising that having encountered many times from the ESEA to ESL tournament system. Both Covana Gaming and NLG understand very well what the opponent has to do. 

Of course, the higher-rated side in this match is Cowana Gaming. They are still a few dozen places ahead of their opponents on the world rankings. Not only that, Covana Gaming also owns a series of 7 consecutive matches without knowing the smell of defeat. Out of those 7 matches, there are 6 times that Covana Gaming has won.

NLG Overview

With such a performance, of course, they will be more appreciated in this match, but an easy victory is not certain. Although NLG is not having a very good series of matches when winning 4, drawing 2, losing 4 in the last 10 matches. However, they are having 2 consecutive wins which is a positive signal at this time. Plus the understanding of the opponent in the past, surely NLG will not easily lose in this quarter-final.

Cowana Gaming vs NLG Prediction

NLG even has a much better win rate than Cowana Gaming in 3 maps Dust 2 – Mirage – Overpass. Even Overpass is a map that NLG has not lost once in the last 3 shots. 

Meanwhile, Cowana Gaming only owns Inferno with an impressive win rate. But according to experts, it will be banned by NLG in the first ban / pick. In response to that, of course, Cowana Gaming will find 3 forte maps of NLG. Although they can only ban 1 map, which means that NLG can completely win at least 1 game.

However, the possibility that the score is 1-1 after the first 2 games is very large. Cowana Gaming still has Nuke as a place to confront NLG. This match map NLG has not played officially for the past 3 months. So there is certainly no good preparation. Moreover, Covana Gaming’s performance is slightly better with a long unbeaten streak. So it is enough to balance the score later. when game 2 ends. 

The decision to win or lose in the 3rd game is almost certain. Of course, both Covana Gaming and NLG don’t want to shoot in the enemy’s forte map. So they will put each other in the balanced Ancient to find the final win. In terms of people, of course, cowana Gaming is a bit better in this match, but the distance between the two teams is not too different. So there is a high probability that there will be a round-by-round struggle.

Cowana Gaming vs NLG Bet Prediction

Cowana Gaming vs NLG total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Covana Gaming 0-1 NLG
  • Game 2: Covana Gaming 1-0 NLG
  • Game 3: Covana Gaming 1-0 NLG

Total score 2-1 (NLG win the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: NLG
  • Game 2: Cowana Gaming
  • Game 3: NLG

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Cowana Gaming 9-16 NLG (Under)
  • Game 2: Cowana Gaming 16-7 NLG (Under)
  • Game 3: Covana Gaming 16-11 NLG (Over)


Cowana Gaming: xenn, s1n, pdy, red, kyuubii

NLG: kRYSTAL, PANIX, ScrunK, stfN, Krimbo