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CrossCode Guide – Tips To Started For New Players


Deck13’s 2D action game Crosscode has attracted a large audience. The game first received difficulty after opening a CrowdFunding campaign on IndieGogo. Upon release, the game earned rave reviews from critics and a growing hoard of dedicated players. With new players flocking to this hit title every day, we decided to put together a quick guide of helpful tips for new players to enjoy.

You Can Jump Really Far – Crosscode 


Going through the map of Crossworld can be a bit difficult at times. That being said, there is a way you can make it a little easier.

You’ll find yourself jumping around quite a bit. As a result, you’ll want to make the most of every leap.

If you find yourself needing to cover a distance and your landing spot seems out of reach, this technique will help increase your leap. First, perform an attack as you jump into the air. When the attack starts, do a dash. Then quickly cancel the dash action by bringing up your protection.

When you land, you should have your shield facing forward. The end result of this technique is a slightly larger leap, allowing you to traverse certain areas more easily. Of course, it will take some practice before you master the technique.

Unlimited Dodge

CrossCode 1

Dodging is an important part of Crosscode survival. That being said, the fast Dodge action only has three charges before the skill needs time to replenish, there is a way around this.

Once you’ve done your third and last dash, drop your shield. Then use the Dodge action again, it will take some practice to get down time for this. But, this is a great way to override being a fast Dodge cooldown so you can dodge whenever you want.

Update Equipment – Crosscode 

One of the most powerful ways you can increase Lea’s power is with new gear. The circuit is very important. And, leveling is important. That being said, your gear will make the biggest difference to your character.

The most common way you’ll find new gear is through deals. You can find a list of all the deals available in the game at CrossCode.GamePedia.com. Taking advantage of deals is a great way to hunt for powerful, buff gear. That being said, you can also purchase the device in the majority of stores you’ll encounter.

Alternate Ending – Crosscode

In the final stages of the game, you will eventually find yourself at a crossroads. You will be tasked with completing a series of side quests before completing the story. However, you do not have to complete these tasks, you just need to complete the game.

Choosing to complete or not complete these final matching missions will have an effect on the ending of the game. It is assumed that you create a save file before making your choice. This way, you can always go back and see what another decision will bring.

It’s Ok To Go Alone

CrossCode 2

When exploring Crossworld, you will likely have a group of characters with you most of the time, more party members is not necessarily a good thing.

Crosscode treats itself as an MMO in some cases. For example, you will have experience removed from Lea of ​​other members. In addition, you will actually do more damage to the many members of the parties you have.

The game will reduce your damage by more than 30% depending on the number of members in your party. The lost experience for other members can also be quite significant.

Therefore, you can always explore Crossworld alone if you feel the need to level up the LEA or if you want to get rid of that pesky damage reduction. That being said, it’s important to note that party members won’t gain experience by not being active in your party.