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CrossfireX Guide – Things You Should Know To Become A Pro


The massively popular Crossfire series creates a play for a wider audience with CrossfireX. Released exclusively for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, the multiplayer first-person shooter is the latest installment since the series started out in Korea in 2007. Over the years, the series has grown into a comprehensive media franchise that includes an upcoming film and a successful television adaptation.

Controller Sensitivity Setting

CrossfireX 2

Another way you can try to improve the gameplay in CrossfireX is by adjusting the settings for the controller and swingarm. By default, neither is properly set up or optimized for playing with a controller. So be sure to go in there and find out what specific values ​​are right for you.

Options available for the controller include stick sensitivity, vertical sensitivity, ADS sensitivity, and AVD vertical sensitivity. The first two affect general movements in the game (and around 45 will work well for both), while the last two determine how the club feels when aiming down the line of sight (a value around 50 will work). here). For Crosshair, adjustable settings include size, thickness, and spacing, which can help determine how exactly your shot feels. You can use 5, 2, and 0.4 respectively as starting values, but adjust them further if you like.

Move Quicker With A Knife – CrossfireX

CrossfireX 1

Gameplay is all about outsmarting your opponents, and one way to do that is to move around the map as quickly as possible. Not only will this allow you to get to key locations before they do, but it will also help bridge the gap between you and your enemies if you want to get up close and personal.

One way to increase your power is to equip a melee weapon like a knife while you sprint. This greatly increases your movement speed for some reason, so take advantage of this if you want to stay one step ahead. For even more boost, press the jump button while sprinting to pass objects faster. Doing so will help you hit your next goal or vantage point in no time.

Avoiding Run And Gun Tactics

Most modern competitive shooters are very fast-paced, in some cases, their kill times are less than a second. This forced the players of those games to adopt a style of play where they remained motionless even when they took down other players.

However, in CrossfireX, running and shooting are often not the best course of action as doing so will severely affect your weapon’s accuracy. To be fair, this is how you’d expect things to work in a tactical shooter, as running and shooting in real life doesn’t offer much accuracy either. So make sure to slow down or come to a complete stop once you’ve got the enemy in your sights and make every shot count.

Strafe To Evade – CrossfireX


While you should slow down or stay still when trying to kill enemies that haven’t seen you yet, the same won’t happen when you’re spotted and you’re fired back. In such cases, a quick way to avoid being shot down immediately is to stretch left and right.

This works mainly because it can be difficult to aim accurately in the game, especially compared to other shooters that use some form of fast aiming. So take advantage of this by getting out of the way at the last moment and watching as they aimlessly swing their weapons trying to hit you. You can literally dodge their bullets that way, making it much harder for you to hit while you get a critical hit.

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