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Crusader Kings 3 Guide – Things Newbies Should Do First

Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3

Paradox Interactive is always at Helm creating spectacular grand strategy games that are ultimately a blast to play through. However, if there is one negative that players can point out about this studio’s games, it is the fact that these titles are extremely complicated at first glance and can be quite a pain to enter new gamers. This claim is addressed by a paradox in their latest game, Crusader Kings 3

Keep Vassals Happy

Crusader Kings 3

Vassals are the bread and butter of Crusader Kings 3, given the fact that you actually control each territory yourself, it’s just a matter of administration that will need to be delegated to other members of the Court.

However, keeping Vassals Happy is a duty in its own right. These people can be quite hard, especially if they become a powerful vassal who demands a place on the council every time, try sending them gifts or rocking them to your cause.

Right Lifestyle Focus – Crusader Kings 3

Every character should have a lifestyle focus – they’ll passively earn points in this focus as they live their lives, and can end up with neat perks to provide lots of specific bonuses.

When choosing a lifestyle, the game will try to sway you into focus that you will naturally get a lot of points in relying on your stats – but don’t be afraid to choose a focus that many ways fit your device. your play. If you want to play as terrible seducers, choose intrigue!

Great Emphasis On Roleplaying – Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3

Each ruler has their own distinct and unique personality. Attempting to force these characters to take actions against their nature will lead to an unnecessary build-up of stress, which can have dire consequences later down the line.

To prevent rulers from being devastated by stress, you should put yourself in the shoes of the current ruler and think from their point of view. Taking actions that make them happier is the key to a long and prosperous reign.

Learn From Failures

Loss is integral to the Crusader Kings 3 experience. After all, most dynasties have practically experienced both glory days and moments of ruin, and the game is no exception.

Upload Save earlier whenever you’re stuck in a tight spot is definitely not the way to go. Instead, you should learn from your mistakes and prioritize your lineage’s inheritance no matter what. That is the most important aspect of the game, and everything else is secondary.

Don’t Declare War 

Crusader Kings 3

Unlike most strategy games, the goal of the game is not to declare war and take over territories by force. If anything, being a hungry ruler will lead to your vassals and neighbors harboring will towards you for the longest time.

Instead, you should try and marry strong incentives and strikes – some more deadly than others – to gain control of certain territories. After all, Crusader Kings 3 is a game about politics, and Warfare is only a small part of it.

Secure An Heir

Game over happens when you die without an heir following you. You get a nicer big game screen that gives you lovely details about your reign, sure, but much better to avoid that fate.

Make sure your player character is married at all times to ensure you are capable of producing sensible heirs. You can also legitimize bastards or trade with some kind of government that can nominate heirs from family members – just make sure you have an heir!