April 19, 2021


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CS: GO Weapons Guide: Common Pistols

Common Pistols

Common Pistols

We already know the role of common pistols in CS: GO, that there are five exclusive and five popular and we have gone into details on the exclusive categories. There are five more left. Don’t waste any time, see what the market has!

P250 – common pistols

Common Pistols
  • Price: $ 300
  • Kill reward: $ 300

The P250 is the cheapest of the five popular pistols and trail expands in most categories for the types of guns that will follow in this article. Even so, it is a fairly regular website about pistols, mainly due to its price tag.

CZ75-Auto – common pistols

  • Price: $500
  • Kill Reward: $100

The first expensive pistol we’re about to tackle is the only automatic in the game – the CZ75-Auto. As you can imagine, it has some pretty obvious advantages over others of the same type, but this is CS: GO, so make sure all are well balanced in other areas.

The most obvious advantage that can be found without any deeper knowledge of the game is that the CZ75-Auto has the highest rate of fire among the pistols. Combined with its decent damage and armor penetration, this makes it a very dangerous weapon in the right hand.

Dual Berettas

  • Price: $400
  • Kill reward: $300

Dual Berettas is one of two “meme” pistols in CS: GO. We’ll get to the second part in a moment. They are rarely seen in a competitive environment mainly because of better and/or cheaper options, but there is still something to offer those who dare to experiment.

Dual Berettas excels mainly in ammo and rate of fire. They had the largest magazine size of all pistols with 30 bullets and four additional cartridges in the back. The high rate of fire stems from you holding two pistols at the same time. Double the pistol, double the speed. Well, not exactly, but it sounds great. Dualies still don’t fire at the same speed as the CZ75-Auto.

Desert Eagle – common pistols

Common Pistols
  • Price: $700
  • Kill reward: $300

One such common pistol is the Desert Eagle. Holding the same icon position as Glock and USP, the Desert Eagle is the most expensive pistol in CS: GO. You certainly get your money well worth it.

Desert Eagle has a level of base damage and armor penetration that only the last pistol we’ll be looking at can compete with. Unlike the previous entries, the Desert Eagle can take down someone’s head at almost any distance with just one shot, helmet or not. Along with that is the very high accuracy of the first bullet. Basically a good synthesis of the good.

R8 Revolver

  • Price: $600
  • Kill reward: $300

We come to the last common pistol and second meme on the list today. Though, like the Dualies, the R8 Revolver has become a joke in today’s CS: GO community, how it got its story completely dissimilar. See, this is the most powerful weapon CS: GO and perhaps Counter-Strike, in general, have ever seen when it is released. This is no longer true because Valve has taken the necessary steps to bring balance to the universe. That doesn’t mean the R8 Revolver has been stripped of its power.