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CSGO accuracy bug could ruin your aim when crouching

CSGO bug crouching

A Counter Strike Global Offensive Player has reported what could be a long-standing CSGO crouch bug that could cause players to miss shots when shifting between walking and crouching.

CSGO bug crouching

Causes inaccuracy for a brief secondĀ 

Weapon precision is a big part of the CS:GO, and that’s something that players spend hours practicing. But a Reddit Social post makes it look like CS:GO may have fought its players every step of the way. The post showed a CSGO inaccuracy bug where weapons would unexpectedly become inaccurate for a brief second after players started crouching while walking. 

The inaccuracy doesn’t last long, but it sticks around long enough to cause any shots fired while the player moves between the two states to be off target.

CSGO bug causes issues with weapon when crouching

That split second can be crucial in a game where a single bullet can wrap up a round. Most CSGO veterans know how to prevent moving too early into crouching during fights, realizing that they will  hit more shots when they come to a full stop. Maybe that is why.

Each of the weapons had a period of inaccuracy between the time the player pressed the crouch button and the time they actually crouched. 

One CS:GO player testing showed that each of the CSGO weapons bugs had a period of inaccuracy between when the player pressed the crouch button and the time they actually crouched. The player recorded the values for the inaccuracy, spread, spread distance, and velocity of both walking and crouch walking to set the baseline. 

The numbers came out the same when they were recorded while holding the crouch and moving and when holding the walking button and standing.

But the data taken during the animation of a player moving between a standing pose and a crouch while moving forward at walking speed showed a spike in imprecision, even though the player’s movement speed still dropped significantly at a steady rate.

Approximately 30 lines of these values have been excluded to increase readability:

CSGO bug crouching

It was also detailed that a part in last year’s leaked CSGO Source code could have caused an odd loss of accuracy. But as of now Valve has not really talked about a bug that could potentially cost players millions of duels.

With the speed of the player moving at a steady rate in comparison to other values, these errant interactions do not seem to be a purposeful feature.

CSGO players should probably be able to land more shots when shifting into a crouch than they can while walking. But right now, that’s precisely the opposite of how things actually work.