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Guide To Play CSGO Betting At CMD368 Bookmaker

At the present time, CMD368 bookmaker is one of the most prestigious and high-quality bookmakers and has been providing a lot of soccer and table tennis bets including esports betting, This is a new betting deal but is very popular. Especially CSGO ...

At the present time, CMD368 bookmaker is one of the most prestigious and high-quality bookmakers and has been providing a lot of soccer and table tennis bets including esports betting, This is a new betting deal but is very popular. Especially CSGO game is the game that many people participate in betting. In order to help users can participate, in this article, we would like to share instructions on how to play CSGO betting at the CMD368 bookmaker easily.

About CSGO

CSGO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) game launched in 2012. CSGO has its predecessor Counter-Strike as one of the best first-person shooters in village history. game. Starting with versions 1.0 and then 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6 then Source or Condition. All were successful with millions of versions sold worldwide.

As a fighting game, it is not strange that since CS 1.6 and Source, CS has started many tournaments and created a large CS esports community.

The main content of the game is the confrontation between the two Terrorists (Terriost – T) and Counter Terrorism (Counter Terriost – CT). Terrorists will try to set up bombs and the anti-Terrorist side will find ways to defuse bombs.

It can be said that CSGO absolutely inherits the advantages of its famous predecessor, adding super features, surreal graphics and gameplay that makes it difficult for players to quit the game after a few hours of experience.

General introduction

Before consulting the CSGO betting guide at the CMD368 bookmaker, we will learn about the betting type of this game series. Compared to other areas, CSGO at CMD368 has owned a very large market with annual and monthly tournaments.

Here are some of the major tournaments that take place over time so people can track and bet:

Major: This is considered to be the largest tournament of the year and the prize money is up to $1 million, due to the HOT level and the attractive prize level of this tournament, the number of people participating in betting is also very crowded.

International: This is an international tournament with a prize of several hundred thousand dollars. This tournament does not include the Major and other tournaments like ESL One, IEM, Dreamhack, etc.

Extremely interesting CSGO bet

Guide To Play CSGO Betting At CMD368 Bookmaker

In CSGO betting, the content of betting is not only winning or losing. It is also a lot of extremely attractive betting content waiting for the player.

Handicap: The team that gets a plus (+) is allowed to accept that score. Assuming that this match is Gambit +3.5, it means that Astralis must win with a score of 4 or more innings (16-12) to win if you place Astralis.

Over / Under: The total number of rounds (round) of the entire map is more than 26 innings (Over) or less than 26 innings (Under). This means that the score must be at least 16-11 or more for Over bets and vice versa for Under bets.

Champions: Choosing the winner.

Round 1 Winner (Pistol Round): Starting CSGO each team only has a small amount (800). They can only use pistols (pistol) in the first half, you will choose the team to win this round.

Round 1 Total Kills 7.5 (Pistol Round): Total kills in the first round, Over (die at least 8 players) and Under (die under 8 people)

First 5 Points: Which team leads 5 points (wins 5 rounds before).

Round 16 Winner (Pistol Round): After 15 rounds, both teams will switch sides and start over with a small amount (800), and they can only use the pistol, which team will you choose to win this 16th round.

Round 16 Total Kills 7.5 (Pistol Round): Total kills in the 16th round, Over (die at least 8 players), and Under (die under 8 people).

How to play CSGO betting at CMD368

CMD368 is currently the leading bookmaker in bringing Esports betting to the gamble players and the most prominent is CSGO. In order for the players to participate in the common joy of everyone, we share the tutorial on how to play CSGO betting at the most detailed CMD368 bookmaker:

Step 1

Create a CSGO betting account at CMD368

First, to have to start taking part in CSGO betting online game at CMD368 bookmaker, you need to have an account.

Just like registering information online, you need to provide full information such as full name, email, address, ID number to verify your account. Then, you can recharge your account from the bank.

We note to you one thing: You need to enter information that completely matches your personal information to minimize trouble later.

Step 2

Start participating in CSGO betting at CMD368 bookmaker

After your account has been activated, select ESPORT, soon you will see a lot of games including CSGO. You select CSGO and follow the upcoming matches.

Step 3

Proceed with the bet

To participate in CSGO betting the best way, you should refer to the odds of 1 round or 2 rounds, information about the competition team. In addition, you should also read through the comments to gain a lot of experience in choosing your contract.

The CMD368 site will show you all the competitions and matches that have been happening for you to choose from. Just like when betting on other bookmakers, you only need to choose the odds you want. Then, you enter the amount of the puppet bet, press Bet, and then wait for the result of the match.

Above is the whole sharing on how to play CSGO betting at CMD368 bookmaker. What you need is just an activated account and start participating in CSGO betting matches. Those are fun and have fascinating experiences and interesting.

About CMD368

CMD368 is a service company that provides online betting and entertainment. The types of entertainment offered by this bookmaker are quite diverse including CSGO betting. More importantly, this unit received the operating license of First Cagayan, Philippines. With this recognition, players can be assured of the reputation and operation of the site.

Transfering money of CMD368 – CSGO Betting

The steps for doing this are also relatively simple and easy to remember.

Step 1: You need to get information about the bank account of the CMD368 bookmaker by email or texting directly on the website.

Step 2: Fill in the personal information, account information in the required field (account number, bank branch, withdrawal amount, …). After completing, click send to the system to process

Step 3: If trading via bank transfer, save the receipt and send it via CMD368 by email or online chat.

Step 4: Wait for the system to process and receive money / transfer money

This process will be dealt with by the house in about two to five minutes if there are no problems. You can be assured because CMD368 is connected with many famous local banks. Therefore, you will not have difficulty in finding banks to make deposits or withdraw money.

Conclusion – CSGO Betting

CMD368 bookmaker has provide many interesting types of Esports betting specificly CSGO betting. With interesting odds, CSGO will bring the most intense and entertain games. They also have diverse big promotion and the 24/7 customer service. Let’s join CMD368 bookmaker and start placing your bet on CSGO betting.