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CSGO Big updates may be coming soon, worth waiting for


CSGO big updates may be coming to CSGO, based on the use of the Dev server. The past two years have shown that major updates usually go hand in hand with an uptick in the use of the beta server.

Earlier this week, there were five accounts linked to the mysterious development testbed, linking the ever high beta server. While no one knows exactly which developers are using the CS:GO beta server. Since the release of Broken Fang, CS:GO developers seem to have been working hard on something big.

CSGO received a small updates on February 25

Although CSGO big updates on February 25 to begin preparing for next week’s missions. CS:GO doesn’t get operations each day, and players are in the middle of one right now. 

The last time Valve mentioned Broken Fang was two months ago. It is already known that CS:GO is moving to Source 2. The newer game engine would open up a lot of doors for the game and make a significant improvement in the game’s graphics.

With many of Valve’s other games getting some significant attention. Dota 2 saw the debut of CS:GO’s Overwatch system at the end of January, SteamVR received a major new feature, and even nearly deserted games such as Team Fortress 2 and Portal 2 were increasingly updated.

In addition to releasing CS:GO RMR sticker capsules, fixing some misplaced code, and dragging developers to enemy ping plugs, it’s been quiet. Of course, the developer announced the upcoming PGL Major this fall, but players haven’t seen worthwhile CSGO big updates in weeks. That tends to make all the activity inside the beta branch so strange.

CSGO store page with photos

CSGO big updates the store page with photos of both Operation Broken Fang and Shattered Web, some of them looked better than what is actually capable of at the moment. Placing the massively improved graphics of today’s CS:GO next to the 2012 release screenshot was a strange move.

It’s possible that Valve was just showing off. Anyone interested should go and take a look at them, just be sure to zoom in. The bottom line is, no one knows what’s going on inside the Counter Strike Global Offensive beta branch right now, but it’s probably a big deal.