July 28, 2021


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CSGO: Cloud9 announces Woxic departure


Cloud9 has issued an official statement confirming Özgür “⁠Woxic⁠” Eker’s departure from CSGO active lineup.


Henry “HenryG” Greer, general manager of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division of the organization, has confirmed that after parting with the organization, He is now free to explore his options.

The statement showed that Woxic was an asset to the North American team. However, unfixable issues have led the organization to take this decision. Despite the team’s efforts to minimize the inconvenience, the Turkish AWPer failed to perform its full potential due to regional differences and time zones.

After different attempts to rectify the situation, according to Henry G’s statement, it was in the best interest of the team that Woxic explored other options.

The general manager has said that because there are no immediate tournaments lined up, the player break has allowed them to experiment with necessary changes. At present, the organization is assessing the colossus and working on the weak areas that can be corrected before the matches begin.

Xeppaa may replace Woxic – CSGO

Woxic was the third player to join the overhauled Colossus of HenryG during the building phase of the team in mid September. A three-year deal that cost Cloud9 $1.4 million was signed by the AWPer. 

The AWPer had been bought from mouse sports by the newly appointed general manager and promised to bring back the real Woxic.

Due to regional differences that affected his in-game performance, the attempts were futile. As reports of this move had surfaced weeks ago, however, His exiting from Cloud9 comes as no surprise. 

Rush B Media had previously reported that, for reasons unrelated to his individual performance, Cloud9 might bench the Turkish AWPer. According to a report from HLTV, the organization had already found a replacement in the former rifler Erick “Xeppaa” Bach of Chaos Esports.

As HenryG has said that the roster’s status and other details will be announced in a few days, fans may discover the truth behind the reports.

Why did Woxic leave mousesports?

After an underperformance at ESL One Cologne Europe, Woxic was benched from the mousesport CSGO lineup. Instead of his skill, the team cited his attitude.

Cloud9’s roster if Xeppaa swap in

– Alex “⁠ALEX⁠” McMeekin

 – William “⁠mezii⁠” Merriman

 – Ricky “⁠floppy⁠” Kemery

–  Patrick “⁠es3tag⁠” Hansen

 – Erick “⁠Xeppaa⁠” Bach

 – Chris “⁠Elmapuddy⁠” Tebbit (coach)

 – Özgür “⁠woxic⁠” Eker (benched)