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CSGO Evil Geniuses adds young star “oBo” to its latest roster

CSGO Evil Geniuses

CSGO Evil Geniuses

CSGO Evil Geniuses has confirmed that Owen ‘oBo’ Schlatter is the latest member to their Counter Strike Global Offensive Roster.

OBo joins CSGO Evil Geniuses after leaving Complexity Gaming

The 17 year old joins the lineup after leaving Complexity Gaming. OBo initially took a seat in September 2020 to return to the United States. The American rifler was competing with Complexity in Europe, citing the long time spent away from home and in uncertainty as the main reason for his departure. He was finally released by the team at the end of January 2021.

After his departure, OBo announced his intention to play for a team located in the United States, but said he was willing to spend a long time in Europe. Now, with CSGO Evil Geniuses, he has found a roster that fits his criteria. While the team is currently competing in Europe, it is expected to come to the USA after the conclusion of the ESL Pro League Season 13.

oBo will debut for the team at ESL Pro League

In CSGO Evil Geniuses‘ lineup, he’s going to fill the gap left by Ethan “Ethan” Arnold’s who departed earlier this week. Ethan left the organization to pursue his career in Valorant, signing for 100 Thieves. It’s the team’s first roster shift in over two years, breaking up one of the longest standing rosters in CSGO. The roster has been fairly successful in the past, notably winning ESL One New York 2019 and Starseries i-League Season 8 and the top spot in the CSGO world rankings.

OBo will make his debut in the ESL Pro League for CSGO Evil Geniuses. The team was placed in Group D along with the big names, such as Astralis and Team Liquid. EG has had a disappointing turnaround in recent events, with early knockouts in both DreamHack Open January and IEM Katowice 2021.

Evil Geniuses currently has the following players:

-Tarik “tarik” Celik

-Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte

-Tsvetelin “cerq” Dimitrov

-Owen “oBo” Schlatter

-Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz