July 30, 2021


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CSGO: GODSENT accidentally leaked its new roster led by TACO


In a job listing in search of a video editor, GODSENT accidentally leaked its new CSGO roster. Alongside a new lineup of Brazilian players, the post revealed MIBR star Epitacio “TACO” de Melo.


Until the official announcement, rosters are usually kept a secret by the organizations themselves, although esports insiders often like to leak contract rumors and trades. That was not the case here, as in an embarrassing fashion, the organization itself spilled the beans.

GODSENT roster leaked

A video was attached to the job, which showed the rumoured roster. In order to remove the green screen behind the new players, the organization asked for a video editor. These included TACO, a former MiBR player. The video also shows João “felps” Vasconcellos, Bruno “latto” Rebelatto, Eduardo “dumau” Wolkmer, and Bruno “b4rtiN” Câmara, TACO’s on-again, off-again teammate. The slip-up was captured quickly and shared on Twitter.

GODSENT removed the job listing from Upwork once the leak was shared all over Twitter. They have taken down the accompanying videos as well. It seemed like they may have preferred the news to be a secret after all, but it also made some Twitter jokes about it.

In all capital letters, GODSENT replied to the leak, tweeting,’ FAKE NEWS.’ TACO also attempted to play it cool but unsuccessfully.

The move is an interesting one as it sees GODSENT leaving Europe and moving to the region of the Americas, an organization that operates throughout its existence almost exclusively in Sweden. A mix of old and new talent boasts the new lineup. 

Although TACO and felps have found success in some of the biggest CS:GO events, players from smaller Brazilian organizations including YEAH Gaming, Team One, and RED Canids are the rest of the roster.

Which team is TACO on?

TACO is now affixed to GODSENT’s CSGO roster if this leak is true. “After an  unpleasant split with MIBR, which saw him benched with teammate Fernando “fer” Alvarenga unceremoniously. This led to the complete dissolution of the MIBR roster, which may have included legal action brought by TACO and fer.