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CSGO: HAVU Win Snow Sweet Snow 2 to claim the title

Snow Sweet Snow 2

Snow Sweet Snow 2

Snow Sweet Snow 2 came to an end after ten days of play, with HAVU Gaming claiming a $44,000 grand prize over AGO in a two-map final over Nuke (16-8) and Mirage (16-11). 

The Finns ended their tournament campaign with a clean 7-0 record and a 15-game winning streak dating back to February 22nd.

HAVU made its way to the final game in Snow Sweet Snow 2

HAVU Gaming had made its way to the final game against AGO after finishing the Swiss stage with a 3-0 record before taking out Anonymo, Sprout and Winstrike in the playoffs.

In the meantime, the Polish squad lost only one match in the Swiss stage, Winstrike, before beating Sinners, NIP and Copenhagen Flames in the playoffs.

The former ENCE, Jani “⁠Aerial⁠” Jussila and Sami “⁠xseveN⁠” Laasanen were the key players in HAVU’s Snow Sweet Snow 2 run as top rated players on the team and had equally impressive performances in the Grand Final.

HAVU Gaming got a superb start in the grand finale

HAVU Gaming got a superb start in the grand finale on their map pick, Nuke, as Aerial tore through AGO’s defenses to take the Finns 10-5 lead in half. 

The 27 year old kept mowing down players in the second half, dropping three opponents in the pistol round and four in the anti eco as the HAVU remained ahead despite some pushback in the first rounds to close the map 16-8 and take the lead in the series.

HAVU Gaming didn’t let Mirage down and took a comfortable 7-1 lead on the CT side of their rivals’ map pick, although AGO did the game by bringing it to three before the switch. 

After half a time, the poles connected things up, but HAVU didn’t skip a beat as “xseveN” leads the way as they hit the match point, 15-11 before Lasse’s “ZOREE” Uronen placed the finishing touch in next round with a 1vs3 clutch to finish it.

Snow Sweet Snow 2 final standings are as follows: 

1. Finland HAVU – $44,000

2. Poland AGO – $4,000

3-4. Russia Winstrike – $4,000

3-4. Denmark Copenhagen Flames – $4,000

5-8. Germany Sprout

5-8. Sweden NIP

5-8. Europe Cloud9

5-8. Russia Gambit

9-12. Brazil MIBR – $3,000

9-12. Poland Anonymo – $3,000

9-12. Belarus Nemiga – $3,000

9-12. Czech Republic Sinners – $3,000

13-15. Portugal SAW

13-15. Europe Endpoint

13-15. Bulgaria SKADE

16-18. Brazil TeamOne

16-18. Europe Movistar Riders

16-18. Russia Trident

19-20. Kazakhstan 100PG

19-20. Brazil GODSENT