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CSGO: How to fight AWPer – nasty snipers in the game



If you’ve been playing CS: GO for a while, you’ve probably had a few (or more) times lying down below the previous AWPs. Below we will give you a few tips that are quite easy to follow so you can easily gain the upper hand for AWPer.

Use arm or shoulder movement before each gunfight phase


Before drifting out of any corner, you should use an arm or shoulder movement to lure AWPer to shoot first and expose your position. By spamming the two keys left and right, flicking your arm is an extremely useful operation that you can immediately apply to your matches.

This will cause the player to hold the AWP to waste an AWP bullet. Give you 0.9 seconds to end a sniper in the blank position with a few simple tap phases. Also, you can ask your friend and give you space to handle that sniper.

Buy equipment and use them appropriately – AWPer


At the beginning of every round, if you have enough money, you should buy Flash and Smoke. These are the two most useful equipment to bring about a round of victory against the AWPer.

Assuming a situation where you and your teammates are trying to jump to take over the bombsite B map de_mirage, the enemy team has 1 sniper listed directly. This is the time to unbolt your Flash clip.

Flash will give you and your teammates 4 seconds to move or if your hands are big, you can easily remove that sniper name in just 2 seconds after the Flash explodes, you can have yourself a range of movement if Use Smoke skillfully.

Always on the move – AWPer

There is a concept that is only true when exchanging tactics with players holding rifles and confronting sniper is not, that is sitting shooting.

Do you think you can headshot to an AWPer while sitting? Your hands may be big, but not at Silver-LEM rank. This is a completely wrong notion and you have to try to quit this bad habit.

Standing still only gives the enemy sniper a static target so it can easily kill you. The solution to this problem is to move a lot, making it difficult for the opponent to finish you in one shot.

Waiting for teammates to support

If you find it difficult, lack of confidence in yourself when preparing to confront an AWPer, call your teammates for support. The presence of multiple targets will surely distract and may miss the opportunity to take you down.

This will allow you to control more space and almost completely eliminate the AWP player of the enemy team.