July 27, 2021


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CSGO – Italy Map: The Flower Street With The Legendary Market

Italy Map

Italy Map

If talking about the map system of the game Counter-Strike, there are many for players to choose from. However, only some of those maps are really known to gamers. The most outstanding is still the Mansion or the Italy map. This is the topic that we will also battle in today’s article about CSGO.

Introducing the Italy Map of CSGO

 Italy Map

Right in the name of the map we have seen its origin and content. This is a map; set in an old market. But the details in the game are a combination of different places around the world, not just Italy. More specifically, these are real places throughout Europe. There have been many gamers willing to pay large sums of money to go to these places. A game has a great influence on the world of online games and offline.

When coming to the Italy map you will have access to the architectural design of high aesthetics. This style can be found in many different styles from European designs. It gives players the feeling of being traveling to famous landmarks. However, the purpose of the map is not sightseeing, but fighting. The intense, choking gunfight will occur continuously here, typically the market.

This will be the place where players fight the most when playing map Italy. Players must quickly choose for themselves the appropriate location. Arrange a formation so that when the enemy arrives, no one will escape. Because of this highly tactical map of Italy, it was chosen quite a lot for entertainment matches in the game.

Inadequacies in the Italy map design

 Italy Map

Every map has its own characteristics and so does the design of the Italy map. Notable points that you should pay attention to are:

Inequity between the two competing teams, Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist. The point is that the Terrorist has everything they need to be able to win. The benefit on all fronts such as terrain, hostages, time, and weapons.

If you play Counter Terrorist then you will have to be a professional player. It is difficult to win against the superiority of the enemy.

The design of the revival team didn’t have a chance to win for the Counter-Terrorist team. When entering the game, the Police team will be revived in a mid-street position. And the Terrorist will be revived in a house full of things they need. That is why when playing in a defensive position, the Counter-Terrorist team will be very difficult to survive.

Hostages are arranged too detrimental to the police. The rule of Italy map is that when the Counter-Terrorist fail to rescue the hostages, the Terrorist team will win. However, the hostage is arranged in a house, which is where the Terrorist team revives.

Instead of running to shoot the police to win, they just sit in the house and wait. In the hands of AK47 or AWM is already the hegemony of a map.

Develop tactics for the Counter-Terrorist team

Although the Italy map design is somewhat detrimental to the police team, you still have a chance to win if you follow these tips:

Approach from the side of the tunnel and use stun bombs to steal the enemy’s sight. This is a fairly common tactic in the Italian map. The effectiveness of this tactic is very high and you need to pay attention to dispatching birds to avoid being put down by the team.

This way, you will be able to give your team the advantage of being suddenly attacked and undetected by the enemy. Approaching this road is quite neat, it will not take much time to set up the fighting team of your team.

Choose AR and Sniper guns that match the strategy your team is trying to follow. Often Terrorists aim to win by buying time. So when choosing the Counter-Terrorist team you need to determine the only melee can win. Accordingly, you will choose a unique Sniper in your team. The rest will use AR silencers like the M416.

Through the above tactics, the advantage on the battlefield will be more inclined to you. Moreover, you should avoid following the legendary Flower Road, this is where many Counter-Terrorist teams have fallen. The market is the only place you can wait for an enemy team to pass. But do not rely too much on the terrain here.