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CSGO: Jamppi confirms switch to Valorant

Pro CSGO player Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen has announced his much speculated move to Valorant after a lengthy legal battle.


Following years of legal proceedings with Valve

Following years of legal proceedings with Valve, ENCE’s former young gun, Jamppi, was rumored to leave CSGO. The youngster has decided, after some back and forth, to leave the competitive shooter of Valve once and for all.

He entered Counter strike: Global Offensive at a young age and, in a short time, managed to appear at the top of the scene. An alleged error on his part, however, backfired, damaging his CSGO reputation.

Why did Jamppi quit CSGO? 

In 2015, a serious VAC ban was levied against Jamppi, banning him from participating in CS:GO majors. While the player had insisted that before the ban, the account in question was sold. Valve refused to budge away from their judgment. 

As the court eventually ruled in the developer’s favor, his legal pleas against Valve didn’t really help him much. His CS:GO career remained on the brink of collapse, even after some support from the community. 

The stamp of Valve on his account at various points sabotaged his vocation. Owing to his inability to participate in Valve events, his deal with OG fell through. 

As ENCE signed him to its payroll, his career took an apparent turn. His never ending legal battle with the developer, probably played a part in Jamppi being cut from the updated 2021 roster of ENCE.

As Valve counts VAC bans on a per-user basis, his fight for a ban removal has begun to look like a lost cause, which means that he will be held accountable for activities on any account registered on his behalf. There’s not much he can do to maintain a professional career in CS:GO, taking into account Valve’s TOS.

Thankfully for the Finnish player, the tactical shooter of Riot Games has emerged in the first person shooter genre as CS:GO’s primary competitor. To pursue a career at Valorant, a boatload of CS:GO pro players have packed their bags, and he has finally decided to follow suit.

Taking a look at his CSGO statistics, it shouldn’t be difficult in the coming months for the young gun to appear on top of the Valorant leaderboards. 

Jamppi emerged as one of the game’s young stars in his brief CSGO career, ending up on the radars of major organizations. It should give him the opportunity to start fresh and show his true ability by switching to Valorant.