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CSGO: Scammer could face 8 years in prison for virtual theft


A Counter Strike Global Offensive Player is currently spending eight years in prison for scamming a $1400 CSGO knife.


CSGO virtual Scammer made headlines

Virtual cosmetics can be costly, whether in Fortnite, Valorant or CSGO. Even so, Valve shooter has the oldest player base that has come up with a number of ways to make money from these unique items. The mature trading market of CS:GO is one of the players’ profits, mostly crowded with scammers and fraudsters.

Reports of the CSGO virtual Scamming made headlines on Czech National Television, exposing specifics of the scam. According to the report, an investigation began on 17 January on the suspicion of in-game cosmetic theft.

The report reveals that the owner of a rare CSGO knife had cut a deal to sell the item for thirty thousand crowns, which is roughly $1,400. The seller received a share of the sum and the remaining payment was promised at a later date. The failure to commit, however, saw him jailed.

“He received about $190 in deposit and the remainder had to be paid at a meeting. But until today, the man didn’t get the whole amount,” said Pilsen police spokeswoman Veronika Hokrova.

The Czech Republic has strict laws on virtual fraud which, according to police officers, may be put into imprisonment for as many as eight years or more. Internet scams like fraudulent solicitation have become very popular in recent years.

However, this unusual CSGO virtual crime is definitely a rare phenomenon for the Pilson Police. And according to the news channel, the local police do not remember dealing with similar situations.

Player to serve jail over knife scam

Although weapon skin is not the main component that makes the game enjoyable, CSGO players take their skins seriously. 

Unique knives are the most common cosmetics that players can pay top dollars to get their hands on. Just a few cases will unlock these rare knives, which are later sold at an outrageous cost on the Steam market.

As visually appealing as these knives are, keeping them safe can be a difficulty. Accounts with valued cosmetics are vulnerable to scams and theft, which is why steam has a stalwart login system. CSGO Virtual scammers, however, can easily trick owners into giving up their valuable items.

Although the essence of the crime might be new to the Czech police, CS:GO players are no strangers to such scams. 

Steam has a robust authentication system that ensures that your items are secure. Players may have to put in some time and enable steam authentication to avoid such frauds from occurring.