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CSGO: Valve banned nine coaches in the middle of 2021 RMR


Valve update made serious changes to its official rules for CSGO pro teams in 2021 and given lifetime bans on nine coaches following last fall’s cheating scandal event that saw 37 pro coaches banned from pro play.


Throughout the last half of 2020, an extensive review by the Esports Integrity Commission indicated that 37 professional coaches had used a CSGO spectator bug to gain an unfair advantage by banning them from their member tournaments.

The January 27 update just made things a lot worse for them. Valve enforced the current bans of the ESIC before taking a step further, officially banning top offenders from a number of Valve-sponsored events based on the severity of the abuse.

Valve bans 9 coaches, no coaches in the server for 2021

In a first official lifetime ban on CSGO esports since iBuyPower, Valve issued a lifetime ban on Valve events to the nine worst offenders in the coaching incident of last fall.

Valve banned former former Mousesport coach Allan “Rejin” Petersen, Slaava “Twista” Räsänen, Arthur “prd” Resende, Ivan “F 1N” Kochugov, Bruno “ellll” Ono, Morgan “B1GY” Madou,  MIBR coach Ricardo “dead” Singalia, Hard Legion coach Aleksandr “MechanoGun” Bogatyrev, Alessandro and “Apoka” Marcucci, permanently from CSGO Majors owing to their repeated abuse of the bug.

The remaining of the sanctioned coaches will miss between one and five CSGO Majors and he sponsored events. But despite its initial silence on the scandal, Valve went yet further. 

With a rule that captures the attention on the 2021 CSGO season, the developer of CSGO continued to ban anyone, which include coaches, from being physically in a room where players compete in any kind of online match.

Even more surprisingly, he also prohibited coaches from being on the server coaching slot at any point during an online match. In other words, the players are all on their own.

It really is a striking change in strategy for the developer, who usually likes to use a hands off approach when it comes to CSGO. he refused to deal with either scandal in the long run when they took place, but a blanket ban is a message to the teams to take cheating extra seriously.

2021 RMR points resets and allows substitutes

More details about the 2021 CSGO Regional Ranking Tournaments was also revealed by Valve. The RMR points heading into the 2021 regional tournaments have already been reset, the currency that will decide the 24 teams that will attend the Major this year. 

Depending on their final placements in last year’s RMR sprint, teams that would have made it to last year’s canceled Major will begin with anywhere from 600 to 100 points.