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Cyberpunk 2077: The 7 Iconic Weapons to Collect

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 offers a lot of action in the game including a very thick shooter feel. Here, there are lots of futuristic weapons that you can collect in Night City. Some pistols are even classified as unique weapons that players can collect in a limited manner.

Iconic Weapon features a rare collection of weapons that players acquire. Later, you can upgrade Iconic Weapons over time to increase their damage and abilities. Therefore, Iconic Weapons are one of the things players should pay attention to when playing.

Let’s take a look at the best Iconic Weapons!

Divided We Stand

Cyberpunk 2077

6th Street is known as one of the gangs with military power in Night City. They have an iconic weapon called the Divided We Stand which you can collect by helping them in the Stadium Love Quest series that you can get in the Santo Domingo area. Divided We Stand is a unique Rifle with target locking up to five enemies and has high Chemical and Poison damage.

Widow Maker – Cyberpunk 2077

You can get Widow Maker when you run the Main Mission with Panam. Even though it was obtained from the beginning of the game, Widow Maker is one of the Iconic Weapons that you must invest in. The reason is, this Rifle has the ability like a shotgun where the bullets can be sprayed with a very high accumulated damage.


Cyberpunk 2077

Another Iconic weapon that you deserve to collect is Fenrir. You can get this Tech-type SMG from a series of Sacrum Profanum / Lotion My Religion quests from a monk in the Watson area. You just need to protect the monk from the gang that harasses him. Fenrir is an SMG with heat-type damage support which is very effective for defeating heavy enemies such as robots.

Skippy – Cyberpunk 2077

Skippy is one of the unique pistols that can speak to your character. This Smart Weapon type pistol even has high damage and follows level V. Later, you can get Skippy by visiting Vista Del Rey in the Heywood section of Night City. After 50 kills, Skippy will change his mode, so you have to choose Pacifist mode when first asked by him and later, this gun will go straight to the head.

Doom Doom

You can get Doom Doom by defeating Dum Dum in a quest titled Second Conflict. You have to be careful not to kill Dum Dum first by coming to him before the Quest because later, the quest series doesn’t work and you don’t get this special weapon. This Iconic Weapon is the one that has the most damage and a fairly wide spray bullet.

Mox – Cyberpunk 2077

You can get one of the special shotguns called Mox from Judy. If you kick Judy out of Night City, you can get her straight. However, if you continue the relationship with Judy, she will give it after the Pyramid Song quest towards the end of the game.

Ba Xing Chong

Cyberpunk 2077

There is one of the best pistols hidden by one of the boss characters, Adam Smasher in his safe. You can get it when completing the Nocturne Op55N1 mission by looking for Grayson’s key. Ba Xing Chong is a monster weapon with very high damage and the quality you can get from Legendary.