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Daemon X Machina – Top Best Weapon You Should Know

Daemon X Machina

Daemon X Machina is a third-person action game that features players their very own Mech pilot. They can even equip up to four primary weapons, as well as additional secondary and auxiliary weapons. But with over 250 weapons to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to tell what the best available options are. To help with this particular conundrum, here’s what we consider the best weapon in the game.

HAW-GR01 Hand Grenade – Daemon X Machina

Daemon X Machina 2

Regarding auxiliary weapons, players have several options and variations to choose from. But out of all the different grenades, flares, mines, and jams available, the more reliable HAW-GR01 hand grenade is adequate in most encounters. It is especially effective at dealing damage to slower, stationary enemies.

Remember that like most other auxiliary weapons in the game, grenades should be used in tandem with other weapons, not as your primary means of dealing damage. That said, they can still serve as a regular replacement when all else fails, or you run out of ammo for your primary weapon. They’re especially great for dealing damage after you’ve successfully immobilized an enemy, or they’ve completely drained their stamina, making them harder to dodge or move out of the big blast radius.

HAW-R26 Guilty Throne

Daemon X Machina 1

While Assault Rifles, in general, may not be among the most powerful weapons in Daemon x Machina, the Haw-R26 Guilty Throne is one of the better ones available in the game, especially if you’re the type players like to keep their distance. It’s effectively an upgraded version of the Haw-R02 Grim Reaper II, a good assault rifle, but it has the added advantage of dealing more general damage.

That additional firepower comes at a cost though; Not only does it relate to the highest RAM usage of any weapon, it also has a relatively small ammo reserve, which means you’ll really need to keep track of how many rounds you have left. back or risk when you need them the most Still a worthwhile option if you have a master build that allows you to save all that extra storage elsewhere and if you can replenish the reserve with some auxiliary journals.

HAW-X-BL99 Dainsleif – Daemon X Machina

For players who like to get up close and personal, the Haw-X-BL99 Dainsleif is one of the best melee weapons. The blade also happens to be one of the more confusing to find, and most players probably don’t put their hands on it until they’ve beaten the game at least once.

This is mostly because of that when they unlock the ability to go back and replay previous missions, HAW-X-BL99’s Dainsleif can be found on the second. To find it, just go back from the starting area until you come across a vulnerable wall. The blades are hidden right behind that wall. Equipping a flamethrower will help bring down the wall faster.

HPW-AB14 Gun Arm BZ

Daemon X Machina

Easily the most overpowered weapon in the game, the HPW-AB14 BZ Gun is the ultimate tool for the Wrecking Shop in Daemon X Machina. The shoulder-mounted cannons not only deal massive impact damage to any enemy bold enough to get caught in your cross, but they also have an effective area for more damage.

The best part about these special weapons is that the players don’t need to do a lot of grinding before gathering the materials needed to craft them. Once they’ve achieved at least a D-rank, all they need is to try the Gnomenatos restaurant recapture quest, where they’ll need to collect the Goliath arm from the three mechs they were pitted against. Then it’s just a simple case of making weapons in the factory.