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Damwon – DragonX holds each other, the chance of T1 reaching the top 1 LCK Summer 2020

DragonX's winning streak will be a real test this week when they encounter a really tough team like Damwon Gaming.

DragonX's winning streak will be a real test this week when they encounter a really tough team like Damwon Gaming.

Faker and T1’s is facing an opportunity that could not be more advantageous for making breakthroughs on the LCK Summer 2020 rankings. Meanwhile, Damwon – DragonX keeps on holding the charts.


In the last 3 weeks of the LCK Summer 2020, we can see a fairly clear division of position on the chart. We have the top DragonX team with 6 consecutive victories, then from 2nd to 5th place it is just less than 1 win, even there are 3 teams equal to the points T1, Gen.G and Afreeca Freecs. Finally, the bottom group from Team Dynamic is below.


This order has been maintained for the past 3 weeks, but it is likely to be broken when in the upcoming 4th week of matches, the matches between the top teams will take place continuously. First is the match between Afreeca Freecs and Damwon Gaming, thinking of these two names we have to mention the top lane when Kiin and Nuguri are two prominent stars in this position.

In terms of form or performance, Damwon Gaming is definitely more appreciated because they won T1 2-0 last week, so they can partly prove their level. Afreeca Freecs more like a team that “bullies” the teams at the bottom rather than the team that has the true bravery when they fail very quickly 0-2 before the T1, DragonX.


The second match of this week still features Damwon Gaming but their opponent is DragonX, who are “unbeaten” in the LCK Summer 2020. DragonX has a fairly comprehensive lineup as their top and jungle weakness gradually improves, Doran and Pyosik are playing increasingly well and giving DRX a great start to the championship. the enemy. The match with the upcoming DWG will be the real reagent with the ambition of DRX.

In the context that the direct opponents have to clash continuously as above, the beneficiary most certainly is none other than T1 of “president” Faker. T1’s schedule this week is extremely light because they only have to meet a Team Dynamic “weak” (all lost to the top teams) and SeolHaeOne Prince is at the bottom of the rankings. Fans of T1 can fully count on 2 quick 2-0 wins this week, even close to the top1 position of the rankings.

The return of the matches at the LCK Summer 2020 creates a very exciting atmosphere for the esports world. The competing competitions and the champion of the season will give fans the most beautiful performances of League of Legends. Let’s wait and see the results of the next round. Will Damwon continue to maintain the top position in the LCK Summer 2020