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Darksiders 3 – Some Tips And Tricks For New Players

Darksiders 3

As anyone can guess by the title, Darksiders 3 is the latest entry in the hack-and-slash series, Darksiders. However, it can throw people out there up to six years after entering the previous one. On top of that, it was made by a new team. After the original developer, THQ went in late 2012, Nordic games acquired the name and assets. Thus, the Nordic THQ was born, and the Darksiders property resurrected did not work.

Spend Souls Wisely – Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 2

While not as extensive as the gear system from Darksiders 2, this third entry will include a similar mechanic. Players gain souls by killing enemies, and they use those souls as currency.

On the one hand, Fury can pour them into her health, strength, or arcane skills, this is basically how the game handles leveling. Alternatively, these souls can go into the purchase of consumable items or equipment. This Act of Balance is an important part of progression, and players must always consider where their souls are best spent.

Search The World – Darksiders 3

Another aspect of the progression lies in the weapons. To power up the tools in Fury’s belt, players must put Boost in their skill tree. They provide different value boosts to the weapon in question.

The catch is that these don’t come from battle. Instead, they are scattered all over the world, if fury didn’t want to be stuck with a weak weapon, she would have to do some rudimentary exploration with at least. Thankfully, these improvements aren’t difficult to find players casually scanning their surroundings.

Practice Fury’s Forms – Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 1

As expected, Fury has a lot of weapons at his disposal. However, these do not work as one might think, as they are tied to a particular hollow form or style. The player unlocks more of these forms throughout the journey. While they are in form, they can only use the tools it specializes in. Hollow Storm, for example, gives Fury a lance and lightning bullets.

Since most monsters call for certain strategies, the player must switch between forms to achieve victory. Those looking to prevent painfully unbalanced gameplay will do well to master these style swaps. Otherwise, Fury’s enemies will pick her up at a distance while she’s in a state she’s not used to.

Expect Attacks From Behind

Fury encounters many deadly opponents in his quest, but perhaps none worse than the camera. Studying it never felt liquid, leading to some clumsy battles. This is especially dangerous when she’s in a small room or hallway, as enemies can easily take advantage of the cumbersome camera to attack from behind.

An indicator that warns the player where an attack is coming from; however, it is not as useful as in other games, like God of War. The simplest solution is to keep dodging and always expect a cheap shot from behind.

Do Not Rely On Transformation

Darksiders 3

In previous games, the rider’s massive transformations essentially guaranteed a victory. They may have taken a while to charge, but they were so powerful that they ignored any enemies in the vicinity. This didn’t do much for the balance of the game, but it was definitely Cathartic.

Sadly, that feeling is gone. In Darksiders 3, Fury’s devastating transformation is almost as difficult as the Brotherhood of Chaos and Reaper forms. In fact, some of her regular attacks actually do more damage in the long run. Considering the clock is also slow to reload, the overall transformation is much less appealing.