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3 Best Dating Sims Games You Should Play In 2021

Dating Sims Games

Dating Sims Games

Dating Sims Games and visual novels might be a bit of a niche. In the game, player is actively working to romance a character throughout the game campaign. If you’re looking for some dating sims games new to play with and want to try out some of the visual novels or dating simulators available today then check out our list below.

Hatoful Boyfriend – dating sims games

Hatoful Boyfriend is a unique dating sim that was born and stormed with many people. It’s a dating simulator where you are a human being admitted to a prestigious pigeon training school. Players join different classes and meet with unique pigeons. 

Just like a typical visual novel dating simulation game, you’ll get to know different pigeon species and interact with them as you navigate your time between school and meeting new pigeons. 

Of course, the story is what shines here with different plots both at times joyful and at times dark. While the game’s front end looks pretty funny, those who want a story to keep you moving forward just to see how things end won’t want to skip this title.

Monster Prom – dating sims games

Monster Prom throws the player into a high school full of monsters. Your goal is to find a prom date within the next three weeks and to do so, you need to build a relationship. 

The game is set up where the player gets to choose where you want to spend your time in the game each day and depending on where you choose determines what attributes will level up your character with the area that corresponding.

After choosing a specific area of ​​the school, you’ll chat with potential interest people and try to engage them in a potential relationship during the upcoming prom. Since there are so many different characters to interact with, you’ll find that there are multiple endings unlocked here. So get ready to start playing this game again to see how each character has any potential ending.

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp

It’s also worth giving out Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp. Most of the gameplay mechanics from the first game are here, so if you start from the first you won’t see much change here. 

What’s changed is that instead of being in school, players are instead at camp with their favorite monster friends. Players will go through the game based on different stats to gain love with one of your party members.

This is done again by deciding where you want to spend your day and interacting with a monster from that area. Likewise, you will enter a conversation and try to choose the right answer to improve your relationship with that individual. 

Interestingly, this one of the dating sims games features online multiplayer, a bit like the original game. But in this sequel, up to four players join a game to compete and build relationships. with different characters. This makes the game a challenge as you try to increase your stats while also potentially preventing players from entering a certain area of ​​the map.