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DBL PONEY vs Voltage ESSM Esport Prediction – CS:GO ESL – 09/13

DBL PONEY vs Voltage ESSM Esport Prediction

DBL PONEY vs Voltage ESSM Esport Prediction

DBL PONEY vs Voltage ESSM Esport prediction on September 13, 2021. There’s not too much to say about the ban/pick phase in this match, the information about Voltage ESSM Esports is very little. So it’s hard to say which map they will try to pick.

DBL PONEY Overview

DBL PONEY will not face many difficulties on the opening day of Group B of the ESL CHAMPIONNAT NATIONAL tournament. Their opponent is just a newly formed team Voltage ESSM Esport. Even their performance is somewhat overwhelming the opponent when they won 8 victories in the last 10 matches. With superior force and names that experience a quick 2-0 victory is what DBL PONEY does okay.

Voltage ESSM Esport Overview

As a newly formed team, there is not much information about Voltage ESSM Esports. Only know that they are a team from France with a composition of young talents who have not yet confirmed their names. Coming to a major tournament for the first time will make Voltage ESSM Esports many surprises. Even though they have only had 1 official match so far. That’s why it’s understandable to lose to a name that has established itself as DBL PONEY.

DBL PONEY vs Voltage ESSM Esport prediction

With choices like Dust 2 or Nuke being more than enough for DBL PONEY to guarantee a game win, the next thing is just to see how Voltage ESSM Esports performs.

Although really want to cheer for Voltage ESSM Esports, it must be admitted that newly formed teams are difficult to surprise. Especially when there is not a single name in their lineup that has ever played professionally. Remember, this is only the second professional match of Voltage ESSM Esports. It is understandable that they have not found their forte as well as the experience of dealing with the gravel names of DBL PONEY. 

It’s almost certain that Voltage ESSM Esports will have to dry up before the map choices of DBL PONEY. But in game 2, things are still too difficult for this team. 

The ability to coordinate as well as whether anyone in the squad can shoot a big hand is a big question mark. So it is not too difficult to continue to fall 2-0 quickly. This is also considered as a lesson for Voltage ESSM Esports when stepping out into the big playing field. It will give Voltage ESSM Esports a lot of experience in the future.

DBL PONEY vs Voltage ESSM Esport bet prediction

DBL PONEY vs Voltage ESSM Esport total score prediction:

  • Game 1: DBL PONEY 1 – 0 Voltage ESSM Esport
  • Game 2: DBL PONEY 1 – 0 Voltage ESSM Esport

Total score 2-0

Handicap bet (DBL PONEY is handicapped 1.5 )


First 5 Rounds Winner:

  • Game 1: DBL PONEY
  • Game 2: DBL PONE

Total Rounds:

  • Game 1: DBL PONEY 16-5 Voltage ESSM Esport (Under)
  • Game 2: DBL PONEY 16-7 Voltage ESSM Esport (Under)


DBL PONEY: Lucky, Djoko, bodyy, afro, Ex3rcice

Voltafe ESSM Esports: Zeusa, Hbk, POWELS, LKS, Snobling