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DC Universe Online Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online originally launched in January 2011, but it’s remained a healthy entry into the MMORPG scene ever since (and has only recently been released for the Nintendo Switch!). The thrill of being your own character in the DC Comics world is a great feeling, and the game uses that to great effect.

Character Appearance

DC Universe Online 2

The character creation screen in DC Universe Online is probably where most players spend their first few hours. There are tons of character customization options, and what you can access at the start of the game can be a tenth of the cosmetic options you’ll unlock just by playing the game. So if you’re not completely satisfied with how your character looks from scratch, don’t worry!

There are a ton of options you’ll unlock as you progress through DCUO, and you can change your outfit completely whenever you want without affecting the gameplay. That said, you can’t change a character’s body type or personality once created unless you’re willing to spend a few dollars to do so.

Weapon – DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online 1

Another choice you’ll face when creating your character is which weapon to use. Now, people will tell you that only certain types of weapons can survive, or that if you want to play a certain way, you have to use this weapon and so on. Don’t listen to those people. 

Choose what you think is fun to use or what suits your character. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort to figure out how to use that weapon to its fullest potential, you can use whatever you want to get through much of the game’s content, even in early stages of the game levels.

However, if the selected weapon ends up not hitting the spot, or if you want some options, there’s the option to change your character’s weapon type once they’ve been created. This involves reallocating your skill points, which we’ll cover later.

Skill Points

Skill points in DC Universe Online are unlocked by leveling up and every time you reach a hundred miracle points. Feat points are earned by doing small challenges throughout the game, such as completing a task within a certain time frame, by exploring an entire part of the open world, collecting all a certain set of styles, and more.

Skill points can be used to unlock more weapon combos and to upgrade your character’s stats step by step. Each skill point itself won’t upgrade your character too much, but after a few weeks of playing the game, you should start getting some of those.

Unlocking Power – DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online

Powers unlock naturally as you level up in the game. During your journey through levels 1-30, you’ll continuously unlock new powerups until you’ve unlocked every power available to your power set. To change what permissions are available to you, go to the loading screen and select the permissions you want in your Hotbar.

You can have six powers equipped at a time, although certain power sets, like Light or Celestial, can use more than six because of their ability to link powers together.

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