July 31, 2021


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Dead Man’s Phone: A Crime Mysteries Game

Dead Man’s Phone

Looking through someone else’s phone is weird, but it is disturbing when the person is deceased. Dead Man’s Phone is a live action crime game similar to a few other lost-phone games. You’re entrusted with looking through Jerome Jacobs’ cell phone, a near-future Peckham teenager, and solving the mystery surrounding his unusual murder.

Dead Man’s Phone

Dead Man’s Phone a Live Action Crime Game

From the beginning, you are told that it is highly controversial that the project allows law enforcement personnel to look through a victim’s phone to solve a crime.It’s truly an unsettling feeling when you know that you’re about to do something that someone else will see.

But because you’re a detective investigating his death, Jerome’s friends and any potential suspects can see what you’re doing on the victim’s phone. They’re not clearly afraid of letting you know that they are onto you.

You’ll also be able to talk to a few law enforcement colleagues for updates on the case, in addition to looking at the victim’s phone for answers. You can also choose to question suspects, choosing how much to disclose about the source of your inquiry. 

The story takes some dramatic turns based on how much you say, and waiting for their reaction was quite nervous-wracking, or whether your actions made national headlines.

The characters, and how they’re written in particular, truly make Dead Man’s Phone stand out. We’ve seen a lot of other games mimic Londoners, but the characters here feel more true to life.

A Real Detective Consultant

The investigation is truly well-paced, too. Electric Noir Studios has a narrative consultant on board, who has been a real detective for 26 years with the Avon and Somerset constabulary according to his LinkedIn page. 

The way you find clues via social media and interpret them to uncover the full story is a fascinating experience, since the detective worked on the use of data in solving crimes.

At the moment, there are only three chapters available, but each one unlocks a brand new feature that you can unlock on your phone with Jerome. 

While you initially only get access to his instant messaging app, you can soon look through photos, their social media feeds, and map information to decipher potential clues. 

Future updates will give us access to a music app and to his call log for listening to music recordings.

Dead Man’s Phone can be downloaded from Early Access via Google Play. For Test flight, there is also an iOS version, but at this time, the beta does not accept any new testers. 

It will also be made available on the App Store once it has been excluded from early access.