July 31, 2021


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Death Prophet Dota 2 Power Comes From The Other World

Death Prophet

With a pretty magical design, Death Prophet attracts players by its somewhat mysterious appearance. She will be the focus of today’s topic.

A brief introduction to Death Prophet

Death Prophet

If you are a gamer who likes versatile heroes in Dota 2. You will not be able to ignore Death Prophet. This hero can dominate all the way. You can go to Mid, go to Top or Bot. Some players also develop jungle skills with her. This is an interesting option as he mostly uses magic damage to fight. And her skills are completely unrelated to the jungle position.

She possesses very good attack skills, effective wide area damage, and fewer misses. As for the move, she is not a mobile champion. She did not have high movement speed, nor did her skills support this need. Therefore, in many team fights, it became a portable target for the Carry team to throw skills into. Besides, she also has many other points that you need to pay attention to.

Weaknesses can be exploited

Death Prophet

For a versatile hero like her, the weaknesses in the gameplay are unavoidable. To play Death Prophet well, you need to pay attention to the following points about the power of the hero:

  • The rate of escaping from combat is very low because there is absolutely no skill to escape. The skills that she has been aimed at destroying enemies. These skills will help deal damage and assist teammates. However, the manufacturer is quite narrow in giving her a good ability to move. This hero has a relatively slow movement speed even when geared. It makes her a lucrative bait in team fights.
  • Another flaw in her skill system is that she lacks the ability to hold enemies. In addition, her fast kill ability is quite good in the Mid and Late game stages.
  • Ulti is quite bad in late-game, she is not a hero with strong skills. Her damage only focuses on a certain skill. This makes her harmless after using Ulti. A pity for a Ganker, Pusher as strong as her. In return, she got support from the effect quite well. Her damage will be in the form of eroding. It will be quite smeared for slow enemies to take the lane with her.

The advantages of Death Prophet

Not to say she is a strong all-purpose hero for no reason. This champion still possesses quite a few advantages for herself. The following notable advantages can be mentioned:

  • The major damage comes from the base stats early game boost. Compared to other Pusher and Ganker as well as other Sp. Death Prophet has a decent amount of damage, ensuring you will have to be beaten up when you face her in the early game.
  • Terrific Push speed comes from the effect of skills. If both slow and weak, then hardly anyone wants to pick her. Therefore, this hero must possess some advantages. And that advantage is the ability to push the divine reach. If you take the lane with her, the chances of you getting lane overrun are huge. Especially when she goes with the long-sleeved Carry with high movement speed and great hand damage.
  • She also has the ability to disable enemy champions through her skills. Although there are no control skills. But reducing the enemy’s HP bar so quickly makes her of the Semi Tanker the best damage to Dota 2.
  • The gameplay for Death Prophet will be more effective if you know the combination of the above advantages. The better you are, the higher your chance of winning will be.