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Death Stranding Guide – Tips To Help You Make Your Delivery

Death Stranding

You’ll need tips on Death Stranding, whether trying the Director’s Cut for the first time or coming back after a while. It’s a very strange game with some quirky systems, tough combat, and a weird world that can take a lot of work to understand. Even simple things like how to move around and avoid falls take effort to learn and important items can be hidden behind stories that you don’t know.

Play the story – Death Stranding

Since Death Stranding primarily involves walking through the rocky and hard-to-cover ground, you’ll want to play through the story to unlock some important gear that makes things easier. It’s tempting to get started and start shipping to all the different bookers you’ll come across but earning little rewards is a lot of work. 

Death Stranding

Most of what you can earn this way is either cosmetics (new hats, outfit colors, etc.) or a small upgrade to essential gear that you unlock during the main story missions. Many pre-writers also claim a 3 Star rating or higher to come up with anything good, so you can go back and forth across ages and not really get that much. 

Sticking to the story means you get critical gear faster, as well as keeping the plot in sync and easier to follow – if you spend 20 hours between cutscenes providing underpants for the characters. random objects, it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on.

Watch momentum – Death Stranding

Sam’s movements are a combination of physics, luck, and seemingly random ride speed/direction. He has the ability to gently trip when he slams into the ground without warning – be extra careful near ravines and cliff edges as well as falls that seem to be scripted to increase More drama when you reach any height. 

While the game requires you to balance on both shoulder buttons to keep your balance when you lose your footing, pulling the stick in the opposite direction also helps. When Sam starts to stumble, you’re essentially fighting gravity to regain your balance to avoid falling.

Floating Carriers

Death Stranding

The worst thing that can happen in Death Stranding is to drop your cargo and damage it, meaning you have to go back to the starting position, redeploy the package, and start over. The easiest way to avoid this is to unlock the Floating Carrier as soon as possible, which you can get when the story takes you to the weather station. 

It allows you to carry goods behind you on a floating trolley with a tether. There are two advantages here. First, it saves you from carrying a lot of crushing weight that can drain your stamina and cause you to topple over. Second, if you travel or fall, the carrier will disconnect or float to the ground – virtually impossible to damage anything you put in it.

Read scanner – Death Stranding

Death Stranding

It’s pretty easy to avoid BT in Death Stranding as long as you follow your Odradek (the flappy sensor thing on Sam’s shoulder). You can see BT when standing still, but they disappear when you move or hold your breath. While moving, use Odradek, Odradek will light up white and clap in the direction of the nearest threat. 

The closer you get to the danger, the faster the clapping gets and when you’re about to hit the BT it turns orange and starts spinning – until then you’re basically safe. If a BT notices you and starts walking in your direction, Odradek also forms a hand to indicate impending danger. Holding your breath at this point will help you sneak away without it detecting you.