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Deathloop guide for beginner – Tips and tricks for newbies

Deathloop guide

Our Deathloop Guide for Beginner offers our best advice for your first days in Arkane Studios’ creepy, stealthy murder mystery. Below we’ll explain the time loop, show you how to save your favorite items, make the best case against our lying brains, explain why stealth is the best options (until it’s not), why your left hand is so important, and more.

Learn The Loop – Deathloop guide

The first 90 minutes of Deathloop or contain a series of cleverly disguised tutorials that introduce Blackreef’s strange rules. As useful as they can be, it still took us a while to wrap our minds around the time loop. And since your success depends on understanding and applying those rules, here’s how the time loop works, written down:

Deathloop guide
  • A day on Blackreef has four periods (morning, noon, afternoon, and evening) and four zones (The Complex, Karl’s Bay, Updaam, and Fristad Rock).
  • From your bunker, you choose a time and place to explore. Time doesn’t pass while you’re exploring.
  • When you return to your bunker, the time will increase and you can Pass items (after you complete the “Ubiquity” Visionary Leader).
  • If you die (three times) before returning to the bunker, you’ll lose whatever you haven’t Cast and you’ll be back in the morning.
  • Colt’s bunker is the only way to travel between areas and times of the day.
  • At the end of the day. You will have one last chance to Cast whatever you have Residue, the date resets and you actually die.

With four-time periods and four locations, you’ve got 16 destinations to choose from. Learning how to navigate them from Deathloop Guide will save you headaches and confusion.

Infuse To Save Favorites

Nearly the entire world resets every day in Deathloop. Infusion is a way to add permanence to the things you like so that they last through the reset.

What you Cast usually depends on how you play. If you’d rather shoot than stab, then stealth focus items won’t be worth preserving. Follow your gut. There is no wrong answer. You should use some as soon as you can, including the stone slab (magic power boost), in any other game that can be permanent but ephemeral like a rainbow Deathloop.

Slow Down Or Die – Deathloop guide

Deathloop guide

If you’re like us, your brain is a liar. It will tell you, even if you know better, that you’ve got this. It’s the best way of action is to run at full speed to your next destination. Sure, you don’t know exactly what lies ahead of you, but the enemies aren’t too bad, are they? And all you have to do is go to the bunker, you’ve been playing video games for years. This is not your first-person shooter, you already have this.

Don’t believe your own hype. Slow down. Take your time. It’s better to return home safely and slowly than to do your entire run again after inadvertently dedicating the last of your life to a misplaced sense of urgency.

Stealth First Then Shoot

Combat is dangerous in Deathloop, especially in the early stages when it feels like three hits will knock you out, Call of Duty style. In Deathloop Guide, we made that a lesson within our first few hours: Start with stealth and go back to shooting if things go sideways.

Stealth is for survival rather than a trait. Crouch, sneak up, tag your enemies and take them down before they know you’re there. When it fails, unload.

Explore Everywhere – Deathloop guide

Deathloop guide

Similar to eavesdropping, there are notes and cassettes appear everywhere. Some of these are just for color, but a lot of them contain some direct clue about a Lead or a new approach to completing a Lead. You’ll find things like door codes or schedules in notes or clues as to where to pick up your preferred weapon.

Pick up each note and you’ll open your options.