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Heroes of the Storm: Dehaka Talent Build Guide


Dehaka is an energetic Bruiser with a strong map presence. The strong self-sustaining ability from the Essence Collection makes him very difficult to kill. Dark Swarm allows him to disrupt an enemy’s lineup during combat, while his brutal target crowd control can neutralize primary targets.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Dehaka



  • Strong on-demand self-healing
  • Can drag icon Drag enemies out of position
  • Cannot be blocked by the body while using Dark Swarm
  • Skills to the Burrow can be avoided
  • Mobility on the high map via Brushstalker


  • Lacks a reliable gap-closer
  • Susceptible to kiting
  • Drag and Quarantine Icon Quarantine are difficult skills to shoot
  • Movement is limited while Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker is on cooldown

Talent Build of Dehaka

Standard Build

His Standard Build would be a good pick in every game. It gives him good survivability through Talent Levels 1 and 4, and good crowd control from Feeding Frenzy and Elongated Tongue.

Hero Stalkers are special compared to melee Heroes, but sometimes you can easily be fooled by long-range. One-Who-Collects should be a pick against many long-range Heroes.

At level 13, Primal Rage is a great choice with Tissue Regeneration, while Primal Swarm could be an option if you’re being focused and forced to use your quintessence early, increasing team damage. your. The standard talent for Level 16 is an Elongation Blade, but Tunnel Claws look great against crowd control. What’s more, Pack Leader excels when you are focused and needs some extra resistance to survive in battles.

Enhanced Agility Build

Build up Agility boost is great if your enemy can easily run away from the regular build. The additional movement speed from enhanced agility will let you approach them. This build is more maneuverable in exchange for less self-sustaining ability, and should only be chosen on maps with lots of vents or bushes, as it depends heavily on those.

For this build, we recommend using a Long Tongue at Level 16. With extra movement speed and Drag, Dehaka becomes a big threat to enemy followers. However, Tunneling Claws can be a great addition if an enemy has good control to interrupt your movement towards them.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

He does well with Heroes who can help him easily get into enemy range. This can be done by controlling the crowd or dragging potential targets towards Dehaka. When Heroes are able to do this, they can also watch when Drag lands on an opponent’s Hero. Frontline heroes with powerful crowd control work well to complement the threat he poses in teamfights.

Countered by:

One of his limitations is that he doesn’t have close proximity, making him more susceptible to being killed by maneuvering long-range damageers. Heroes with very high sustained damage can boost his healing to force him to play passively. The defeated heroes can not only cancel their Drag and Isolate, but also reduce the opponent’s mark-of-mark accessibility.

Maps of Dehaka

Great Dehaka on big maps where his global presence can be overused. This allows him to soak off the target for longer than the other solo laners, and still show up just in time to help his team hit kills. He struggles with a quick Boss eradication or an Immortal race; So maps with these key targets are not ideal for him. He also lacks the ability to move the map on maps without bushes or vents that help him get to important areas.